Harescombe Church Memorial Inscriptions

The first volume of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries was published in 1881, edited by Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, M.A. The notes below are taken from this volume, and the spelling and grammar are as the original. The surnames have been put in capitals to aid identification.

In the original book the information was provided in separate alphabetical tables, split according to the location of the inscription within the church.  This information has been condensed into a single table, with the right hand column referring to the location details as noted in the original book.

This list does not cover all memorial inscriptions at Harescombe Church, because it was compiled in 1880, and also because it concentrated on the inscriptions within the church. Additions to the list are most welcome.

BLAGGE, Revd. Mr Jonathan, B.A., Rector Aug. 31, 1726
HUMPHRIES, Mary July 10, 17--
HUNTLEY, Abigail Feb. 6, 1743 Note 1
HUNTLEY, Martha July 10, 1789 Note 1
HUNTLEY, Miles, Gent. Oct. 25, 1765 Note 1
HUNTLEY, Miles, Gent. Sep. 12, 1790 Note 1
HUNTLEY, Bridget [No dates] Note 1
HUNTLEY, Charles [No dates] Note 1
HUNTLEY, James [No dates] Note 1
HUNTLEY, James [No dates] Note 1
KEALE, Mary Feb. 2, 1785 Note 1
LIMBRICK, Samuel, Senr. Jan. 13, 1778 Note 1
LIMBRICK, Betty [No dates] Note 1
LIMBRICK, William [No dates] Note 1
MICHELL, Charles Oct. 25, 1657
MICHELL, Charles Nov. 14, 1658
MICHELL, John, Gent. Jan. 9, 1700
MICHELL, John, Gent. Sep. 13, 1727
MICHELL, Margaret June 5, 1753
MICHELL, Mary 1678
MICHELL, Thomas Nov. 27, 1676
ROBERTS, Abigail Oct. 28, 1739
ROBERTS, Thomas, Gent. Jan. 20, 1632
ROBERTS, Thomas, Gent. March 13, 1751
STOCK, Revd. Charles, Junr, Rector Feb. 2, 1707-8
STOCK, Mary July 6, 1709  

Original Index (no note in right hand column)

Literal copies of the nine inscriptions in the church (including seven flatstones), taken in 1880; some particulars, now illegible have been supplied from Bigland's collections; and the above is an index to the names mentioned therein, with the date of death in each case.

Note 1.

Affixed to the outside of the church there are three tablets