Randwick Church Monumental Inscriptions

Details from Randwick Church memorial inscriptions, taken in 1879.

The first volume of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries was published in 1881, edited by Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, M.A., and is used for the bulk of the information detailed below. The spelling and grammar are as the original but surnames have been put in capitals to aid identification. The original data has been expanded to include age at death, as well as information from other sources.

This list does not cover all memorial inscriptions at the Church, because it was compiled before the end of the 19th century, and also because it concentrates on inscriptions within the church. Additions or corrections are most welcome.

Date of Death Age/Notes
19 Nov. 1764 ALDRIDGE [nee MITCHEL], Esther
25 Aug, 1863 BARROW, Thomas James Raikes, R.N 50  Note 1
[24 Nov. 1873] BULLIVANT, Henrietta
24 May 1772 COOKE, Ann
17 Feb. 1834 COOKE, Elizabeth
12 Feb. 1726 COOKE, Henry [Junr]
16 Jan. 1755 COOKE, Henry
30 April 1792 COOKE, Henry
4 Sep. 1769 COOKE, Richard
12 Nov. 1774 COOKE, Richard [Junr.]
6 Feb. 1847 COOKE, Richard, Esqr.
5 Aug. 1725 COOKE, Samuel
1 Jan. 1726 COOKE [nee DUTTON], Sarah
14 June 1783 COOKE [nee KING], Sarah
Aug. 1774 COOKE, Thomas
9 March 1844 CRIPPS [nee COOKE], Elizabeth Anne
15 March 1827 ELLIOTT, Ann Elizabeth
21 Sep. 1837 ELLIOTT, John
18 Apr. 1825 ELLIOTT, John Wells
16 Apr. 1825 ELLIOTT, Martha [Junr]
19 March 1872 ELLIOTT, Martha
31 Oct. 1828 GIBSON [LLOYD], Sarah 77  Note 1
31 March 1780 HOGG [nee MITCHEL], Betty
9 Nov. 1702 ILES [nee TOWNSEND], Ann
1 July 1747 ILES [nee PIERCE], Ann
12 June 1791 ILES, Ann
28 Dec. 1708 ILES, Elizabeth
7 March 1750 ILES, Jane
18 May 1710 ILES, John
22 Feb. 1740 ILES, Nathaniel
5 Dec. 1784 ILES, Sarah
11 Jan. 1805 LITTLE, Ann
27 Sep. 1761 LITTLE, Elizabeth
2 Feb. 1754 LITTLE, Grace
21 Dec. 1773 LITTLE, John
24 April 1743 LITTLE, Margaret
18 April 1798 LITTLE, Mary
15 Oct. 1726 LITTLE, Thomas
19 Jan. 1778 LITTLE, Thomas
7 Sep. 1808 LLOYD, Revd. David 64  Note 1
19 April 1628 MEISY, Margret 83  Note 1
24 Dec. 1628 MEISY, Radvlph       Note 1
17 Sep. 1774 MITCHEL, Charles
16 June 1758 MITCHEL, James, Gent, "Lord of Randwck"
16 March 1760 MITCHEL, James [Junr]
30 July 1788 MITCHEL, John
4 Nov. 1760 MITCHEL, Mary [Junr]
4 May 1767 MITCHEL, Mary
16 Jan. 1738 MITCHEL, Samuel
2 Jan. 1751 MITCHEL, Sarah
28 July 1768 MITCHEL, Thomas
30 Dec. 1773 MITCHEL, William
30 April 1788 NORTON, Cathrine
8 Oct. 1794 PEGLER [nee MITCHEL], Hannah
[No date] RIDLER, John
Dec. 15 RIDLER, Mary
4 April 1787 RIDLER, Pheby
[No dates] RIDLER, Rebekah
[No dates] RIDLER, Sarah
31 July 1779 RIDLER, Thomas
11 Jan. 1784 WHITE [nee LITTLE], Ann
10 July 1778 WHITE, David 19  Note 1
26 Aug. 1772 WHITE [nee ??????], Elizabeth 49  Note 1
24 June 1787 WHITE, Sarah 30  Note 1
17 June 1801 WHITE, Thomas, Esqr.
12 Oct. 1804 WHITE, Thomas 84  Note 1

From Gloucestershire Notes and Queries, volume 1
The above entries, without any notes in right hand column, are from seventeen inscriptions (including five brasses on flatstones, and one under a window), of which literal copies have been taken.

Note 1. From Gloucestershire Notes and Queries, volume 1.
In the surrounding churchyard there are many inscriptions, amongst which the following may be found:

1. Heare sleepeth the body of Margaret, the wife of Radvlph MEISY, Preacher, aged 83. Her faith had long war with sin and Satan, and had a joyful victory by Christ the XIX of April, ano 1628. Heare sleepeth the body of Radvlph MEISY, Preacher, a gentelman by birth, a painful labovrer in the ministry 34 years, and resteth the 24 of December, Anno 1628

2. In memory of Thomas WHITE, of the parish of Stroud (father of the Reverend Joseph WHITE, D.D., Professor of the Oriental Languages in the University of Oxford); he died October 12th, 1804, aged 84 years. Under the second stone on the right hand lie the remains of Elizabeth, his wife; she died August 26th, 1772, aged 49 years. David, their son, died July 10th 1778, aged 19 years. And also Sarah, their daughter, died June 24th, 1787, aged 30 years.

3. In memory of the Revd. David LLOYD, Officiating Curate of this Parish, who departed this life Sepr. 7th, 1808, aged 64 years. Also in memory of Sarah GIBSON, relict of the above named David LLOYD; she died October 31st, 1828, aged 77 years.

4. In affectionate remembrance of T.J.R. BARROW, R.N., of Ryelands [in this parish], eldest son of Lt. Colonel BARROW, Coldstream Guards; he departed this life Augt. 25, 1863, aged 50.

Note 2. From Gloucestershire Notes and Queries, Volume 1.

In the Churchyard of Painswick there is a tomb with the inscription:- "To the memory of the late William HOGG, who died at a very advanced age on the 8th November, 1800. He was for fifty years a much esteemed gratuitious Preacher of the Gospel in the Tabernacles of London, Bristol, Rodborough, and various other places in this and the adjoining counties. It is incredible the sums of money he expended in charity. Also, of Betty, his excellent wife, who died 31st March, 1780. Her kindness  and liberality to all, especially to the poor, was gratefully remembered, and often expressed, for many years after her decease. They had eight sons and four daughters, whom they lived to see comfortably established in life". This tomb was erected by Mr. Wm. GYDE, of Cheltenham, in place of an old one.

Randwick Chapel, Wesleyan.

Built 1807, refurbished 1824.