Stonehouse Monumental Inscriptions

Details from Stonehouse Church memorial inscriptions, taken in 1879. The first volume of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries was published in 1881, edited by Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, M.A., and is used for the bulk of the information detailed below. The spelling and grammar are as the original but surnames have been put in capitals to aid identification.

This list does not cover all memorial inscriptions at the Church, because it was compiled before the end of the 19th century, and also because it concentrates on inscriptions within the church. Additions or corrections are most welcome.

Date of Death Age/Notes
18 March 1824 ADDERLY, Ann
5 May 1784 ADDERLY, Mary
31 July 1729 BALL, John Esqr. Note 1
15 June 1703 BALL [nee SMYTH], Mary
19 Oct. 1760 BALL, Robert Esqr, Lord of the Manor Note 1
[No date] BALL, Robert [Junr] Note 1
30 Sep. 1844 DAVIES, Harriet
25 March 1838 DAVIES, Jane Anne
5 Feb. 1819 DAVIES [nee SPRY], Louisa
23 April 1873 DAVIES [nee CLISSOLD], Mary
26 Nov. 1837 DAVIES, Mary Emma
24 May 1858 DAVIES, Robert Spry
4 Aug. 1867 DAVIES, Robert Stephens, Esqr., D.L., J.P.
17 May 1822 DIMOCK, Elizabeth
12 Dec. 1853 DIMOCK, Elizabeth
21 Oct. 1808 DIMOCK, John
30 May 1843 FOLEY, Eliza
25 Jan. 1742 FOWLER, Anne Note 2
4 Aug. 1867 FOWLER, Anselm, Gent
15 Jan. 1714 FOWLER, Henry, Gent
29 July 1577 FOWLER, James Note 2
18 March 1707 FOWLER [nee PARTRIDGE], Rebekah
10 Nov. 1763 HARRIS, Revd. Samson 66   Note 4
10 April 1767 HARRIS [nee ????], Sophia 80   Note 4  
13 May 1855 MILLS, Mary Bigland
6 May 1766 PETTAT [nee ???], Catherine 66   Note 3
2 Aug. 1817 PETTAT [nee CLARKE], Anne Frances 45   Note 3
8 Jan. 1873 PETTAT, Revd. Charles Richard 59   Note 3
26 Sep. 1731 PETTAT [nee ????], Esther 53   Note 3
18 Jan. 1810 PETTAT [nee PAUL], Jane 71   Note 3
15 Jan. 1811 PETTAT, Revd. John, A.M. 72   Note 3
6 Dec. 1809 PETTAT [nee ????], Martha 70   Note 3
20 Sep. 1826 PETTAT [nee HICKS], Martha 84   Note 3
18 June 1809 PETTAT, Richard, Esqr. 68   Note 3
24 April 1764 PETTAT [nee ????], Sophia 24   Note 3
5 Feb. 1767 PETTAT, Thomas, Esqr. 78   Note 3
8 May 1804 PETTAT, Thomas, Esqr. 67   Note 3
10 March 1839 PETTAT, Revd. Thomas, M.A. 67   Note 3
17 April 1857 PETTAT, Thomas John 48   Note 3
18 Jan. 1823 PHILLIMORE, John
24 Dec. 1809 PHILLIMORE, Mary
3 Sep. 1826 PHILLIMORE, Robert
2 Aug. 1849 PHILLIMORE, Samuel
21 Jan. 1800 PHILLIMORE, Sarah
14 March 1837 PHILLIMORE [nee PIKE], Sarah
29 Oct. 1841 PHILLIMORE, Sarah
13 Sep. 1803 PHILLIMORE, Thomas
4 Jan. 1830 PHILLIMORE, Thomas
1 May 1755 PHILLIPS, John Note 2
1 Oct. 1675 SMYTH, Mary
6 March 1684 SMYTH, Thomas, Armiger Note 1
17 Oct. 1783 SPENCER, Francis
14 May 1793 SPENCER, Mary Ann
26 Nov. 1790 SPENCER, Samuel
18 Sep. 1779 SPENCER, Sarah
1779 SPENCER, William

Notes From Gloucestershire Notes and Queries

Original Index (no note in right hand column)
Literal copies of the twelve inscriptions in the church have been taken, (1879); and the table above is an index to the names mentioned therein, with the date of death in each case.

Note 1.
Rudder (p. 702) gives copies of three flatstone inscriptions, in which were these names and dates.

Note 2
Bigland has recorded three more inscriptions (two on flatstones, and one on brass), from which these names and dates may be added.

Note 3.
These particulars of the PETTAT family, copied from five large tombs in Stonehouse Churchyard, in July 1879, are worthy of being placed on record.

1. In memory of Esther, the wife of Thomas PETTAT, of this parish, who died the 26th day of Seprember, 1731, aetat suae 53.
Underneath this tomb are deposited the remains of Thomas PETTAT, Esqr., late of this parish, who departed this life the fifth day of February, 1767, aged 78 years. Also are deposited the remains of Catherine, wife of the above Thomas PETTAT, who departed this life the sixth day of May, 1766, aged 66 years.

2. This monument is erected to the memory of Sophia, first wife of the Revd. John PETTAT, Vicar of this parish, and a niece of the Revd. Samson HARRIS, the previous Incumbent. She died April 24th. 1764, aged 24 years.
In memory of Thomas John PETTAT (formerly Captn. in the Q.O. 7th Hussars), eldest son of the late Revd. Thomas and Ann Frances PETTAT. He was born on the 17th of December 1808; died 17th of April 1857. His mortal remains lie in the adjoining south family-vault.

3. M.S. Thomas PETTAT, Esqr., who died May the 8th, 1804. aged 67 years. He married Jane, daughter of Sir Onesiphorus PAUL, Bart., of Hill House, in this county, who is left a disconsolate widow to deplore her irreparable loss, and at whose request this tomb is erected.
Beneath this tomb are deposited the remains of Jane, relict of Thomas PETTAT, Esqr., who died Janry 18th., 1810, aged 71 years.
Also in memory of the Revd. Charles Richard PETTAT, Rector of the parishes of Ashe and Dean, in Hampshire (the second and youngest son of the Revd. Thomas PETTAT and Anne Frances, his wife), who was born on the 22nd of July, 1813, and died on the 8th of January, 1873, and whose mortal remains are interred in the adjoining vault.

4. Sacred to the memory of Richard PETTAT, Esqr., of Ebley, in this county, who departed this life the 18th day of June, in the year of our Lord 1809, aged 68 years.
Beneath this tomb are deposited the remains of Martha PETTAT, wife of Richard PETTAT, Esqr. She daparted this life the 6th day of December, in the year of our Lord 1809. aged 70 years.

5. Sacred to the revered memory of the Revd. John PETTAT, A.M., upwards of forty years Vicar of this parish. The genuine piety and heartfelt zeal with which he devoted himself to the faithful discharge of all the various duties of his sacred profession, gained him the universal affection of all his parishioners. Charitable and humane to the poor, mild, cheerful, and unassuming in his manners, he lived truly an example of Christian goodness, and died, universally beloved and deeply lamented, Janry 15th, 1811, aged 72 years.
Sacred to the memory of the Revd. Thomas PETTAT, M.A., for many years Rector of Hatherop & Beverstone, both in this county, and son of the Revd. John PETTAT & Martha, his wife, who died, universally beloved & regretted, on the 10th of March, 1839, aged 67.
Also to the memory of Anne Frances, the beloved wife of the above Revd. Thomas PETTAT, eldest daughter of the late John CLARKE, Esqr., of Welton Place, Northamptonshire, who departed this life August 2nd, 1817, aged 45.
Sacred to the memory of Martha, relict of the Revd. John PETTAT, eldest daughter of Sir Howe HICKS, Bart., of Witcombe Park, in this county. She closed a well-spent life on the 20th day of September, 1826, in the 84th year of her age.

Note 4
Mention has been made of the Revd. Samson Harris. Over his grave is:

This monument is erected to perpetuate the memory of the late Revd. Samson Harris, M.A, (thirty five years Vicar of this parish), a divine eminently distinguished for his exemplary piety, learning, and indefatigable diligence in the work of the ministry. Deeply impressed with the sacred truths of the Gospel, he recommended them to others with a most persuasive energy & truly Xtian example, displaying in his own conduct the most lively evidence of sincerity, his whole life being one continued practice of every Christian & social virtue. He died, deservedly lamented, Novr. 10th., 1763, in the 66th year of his age. Reader, go, and imitate.
Here also is inter'd the body of Sophia, relict of the late Revd. Samson HARRIS, who departed this life April 10th, 1767, in the 80th year of her age.