Stroud Monumental Inscriptions

Old Chapel, Chapel Street, Stroud.

Monuments :

Samuel BALL, 1779.

Sarah, wife of Daniel BLOXSOME, of this town, mercer, daughter of the late Revd. James MORLEY of Painswick, who died 8th June 1781, aged 40 years.
The above named Daniel BLOXSOME, who died 4th of Decr. 1808, aged 73 years
Sarah ALDRIDGE, Spinster, daughter of the late James ALDRIDGE of this town, who died 23rd. Octr., 1811, aged 65 years.
Ursula, relict of the before-mentioned Danial BLOXSOME, and sister of the said Sarah ALDRIDGE, who died 1st. Novr. 1828, aged 85 years.

Elizabeth (BROWNSON), 1756, wife of John GRIME.
Rev. John BURDER M.A., 1867, 26 years pastor.
John CLISSOLD, 1823, sexton 30 years.
Mrs. Susannah DAVIES, 1836.
Joseph FRANKLIN, 1855, many years architect to the Corporation of Liverpool, Benjamin, his brother, 1862, and Maria, widow of the last, 1881.
Thomas HARMER, 1825, and his widow Mary, 1832.
Rev. William HARRIES, 1830, 28 years pastor.
Thomas JENKINS, 1749.
Robert MORGAN, 1740.
Edward OKEY, card maker, 1798, his widow Mary, 1759, and their daughter, Susannah, 1760.
Henry OKEY, died 3 January 1765. Clerk of church for 41 years.
John Okey, 1783, and his widow Ann, 1792.

Anthony PAINE, clothier, who died Feb. 9, 1735, aged 52 years.
Anthony PAINE, mercer, who died May 2, 1776 aged 52 years; also of Sarah, his wife, who died November 8th., 1801 aged 78 years, and of Anthony Rawlin PAINE, their son, who died Jan 31, 1788, aged 29.

Richard RAWLIN, 1725.

John VINER, died Dec. 19, 1723 aged near 70 years. Sarah VINER, his sister, died Feb. 2, 1723, aged near 72 years. In Fisher's this was recorded as the oldest monument in the chapel.

Originally placed by the Husband and Father, in memory of his Wife and Children who have gone before him [his wife Hannah, 1826, and five of their children], this stone now serves as a memorial of him who raised it. Henry WYATT, the Father [of Farm Hill], on the 24th day of January, A.D. 1847, at the age of 64 years and one day, finished a life of energy and usefulness, lamented and honoured as a good husband, father, and brother, a valuable friend and neighbour, a practical philanthropist, an upright magistrate, and an honest man. The memory of the just is blessed. Also of Priscilla WYATT, his widow, who died March 24th, 1865, aged 83 years.

St. Laurence Old Church, Stroud

The Old Church of St. Laurence, Stroud. Originating from a chapel mentioned in the ancient Composition of 1304, the old church was demolished in 1866, the last service being held there on Sunday, July 8th, 1866.

Amongst the monuments within the church were ;-

South wall of the chancel.

Thomas Freame Armiger, ex cohorte centurio, obiit 18 Aprilis, an. dni. 1644, aetatis suae 63.

Hic etiam Anna Fream Thomae quondam Uxor post xxx, viduitatis annos interum Viro conjuncta fuit. Jan. 26, 1694.

In memory of Thomas Clutterbuck, the son of Samuel Clutterbuck, great grandson of Thomas Freame, of lower Lypiatt, Esq., who died the 14th of March, in the 9th year of his age, 1715.

Freame Clutterbuck (an infant), the son of Freame Clutterbuck esq. of this parish, by his wife Anne, the daughter of Francis Sims, of Kempscot, in the county of Oxon, gent, who departed this life the 17th of July, A.D.1711, aged one year and seven months.

In the chancel.

Near this place was interred John Gryffin, Gent., and Elizabeth his wife in the year 1627. Also Elizabeth his Granddaughter wife of John Webb, of the Throp clothier was buried the 31st of July 1681. Also Elizabeth the daughter of John Gryffin of this parish gent. wife of Thomas Clissold, clothier, was buried the 18th day of October 1703. John Gryffin, of this parish, gent, died the 28th of March 1719. Thomas Gryffin, of this parish, Esq., died September 28th. 1788, aged 80 years.

He was an upright magistrate,
A sincere friend,
And an honest man.

This monument was at first erected in the old chancel: and the words "near this place" must be understood as relating to the upper part of the nave which occupied its site.

East wall of the south aisle.

Thomas Stephens Armiger, legum municipalium Regni Angliae peritissimus, HENRICO et CAROLO, principibus Walliae Atornatus generalis, obiit 26 Aprilis, An Dom. 1613, Aetatis suae 55.

Sacred to the memory of John Stephens, Esq., of Over Lypiatt in this parish, the last of the Lypiatt branch of that ancient family. A gentleman universally esteemed for his integrity and benevolent disposition. He died March 19th, 1778, in the 81st year of his age.

In memory of Richd. Field, of Field's Place, Gent, and Elizth his wife, Daughter of Edwd. Hill of Cam in ye county Esq.
He dyed Oct. 3, 1693 aged 42
She dyed March 8, 1715 aged 78

Joan Field, Edvardi Field Armigeri, de Loco Fieldi, supra dicto, Uxor indulgentissima; Johannis Delaberi, Armigeri, de Southam, in Parochia Episcop. Cliev. in comit. Gloucestr. Filia delectissima, ob 15 Maij, Anno. Aets.63, currente Redemptionis, MDCXXXmo.

In memory of Edward Field, late of Field Place in this parish, Esq., many years one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this county, who died the thirtyeth day of March, 1736, aged 67 years. This monument is erected by Anne his widow and relict who was his second wife, and one of the daughters of Richard Plummer of this parish, gentleman.

[His first wife was the Joanna Field above mentioned]

Daniel Capel, A.M.
Coll. Pemb. apud Oxon. Socius et Ornamentum,
Doctrina potius quam annis maturus,
Parentibus, Amicis, Eccles, Anglicanae, ob pietatem
igenium et fidem carus.
Non modo nomine, sed et virtutibus,
Reverendum Avum Proavumque expressit,
Gravis et urbanus, Prudens et facetus;
Politiorubus quibus inclaruit artibus
Phoebeum Medicinae Studium adjunxit,
In qua tantum profecit Adolescens
Ut alterum Hippocratem sponderet;
Donec Libitina imperii metuens
Hunc juvenem peremit
Ne de illa provectior sine modo triumpharet.
Ob. Jul: 30 anno Domini 1709. Aetat 24.

Daniel Capel dicti pater
Vir pius, probus, gravis;
Medicus Peritissimus, qui Praxin
Non minus sibi laboriosam,
Quam aegris suis com nodam, sustinuit:
Sed Proh dolor! dum aliorum saluti
Attente nimis invigilavit,
Amisit suam.
Obijt die Junij 27 Anno Salutis Christianae 1714, Aetat 55.

West Wall of the north aisle

To the memory of Thos. Arundel gent., and Anne his wife, (daughter of Thos. Gregory, of Hordley, in Oxfordshire, Esq.) He died the 26th day of March, 1742, aged 48 years. She the 29th of July in the same year, aged 50. Fream Arundel their son, died in the year 1721, aged one year and six months. Also in memory of Fream Arundel, Gent., who departed this life May 28th, 1785, aged 61 years. Likewise of Jane, his wife, she died the 22nd day of January, 1771, aged 43 years. Jno. Gregory Arundel, son of Fream and Jane Arundel, died July the 5th 1752, aged six months. Fream Arundel, their son, died April the 30th, 1784, aged 28 years. Arabella, their daughter, died the third day of January, 1787, aged 33 years. Samuel Arundel, their son, died June the 3rd, 1789, and was buried at Rodborough. Thomas Crozier Arundel, their son, died Dec. 29th. 1789, aged 39 years. Likewise James Arundel, gent., their son, died the 11th day of June, 1813, aged 51 years.

Sacred to the memory of Fream, son of James and Ann Arundel, who died the 1st of August 1805, aged 19 years.

His cheerful watch some guardian angel keeps,
Around yon tomb where youth and goodness lie.
Mourn then no more. His virtues only sleep.
Such worth, such genuine worth, can never die.

Stroud Cemetery

The chapel and about three acres of the Cemetery which had been set apart for the use of the Episcopalians of the parish, were consecrated by Dr. Baring, Bishop of Gloucester on September 1st, 1856. On the 4th of September William Lewis, a pauper from the Union Workhouse, was the first to be interred in the new burial ground.

From that time to the end of 1869, a period of thirteen years and four months, the number of burials was 1,500, being an average of 115 per annum. Of this number two-thirds were buried in the consecrated ground, and one-third, (including fifty-four Roman Catholics) in the unconsecrated ground.

At the same time the Cemetery contained 130 tombs or other monumental memorials, among which are the following :

The first erected there was an upright head-stone :

Sacred to the memory of Samuel Franklin, who fell asleep in Jesus, October 6th 1857, aged 26 years.

"Looking for the Blessed Hope"

A coped tomb, bearing a plain recumbent cross, records that

Anna, wife of A.J. Stanton, theThrupp, died Octr. 14th, 1858, aged thirty years. Alfred Wilton, son of Alfred J. and Margaret Stanton, died Decr. 13th, 1866, aged 6 weeks.

A polished white flat marble slab has the following inscription:

In memory of Hannah, the beloved wife of John Biddell, of Stratford Abbey, Stroud, who died Feby. 22, 1860, aged 62 years. She was a humble and earnest disciple of her Blessed Lord, whose doctrines she adorned in her life, and whose spiritual presence was her comfort and support in the hour of death, so that it may truly be said of her - to live was Christ, and to die was gain. Also of John Biddell, of Stratford Abbey, who died April 25th, 1863, aged 74 years.

In memory of Robert Berrie, who died January 10, 1869, aged 77 years.

On the base of a richly-carved foliated white marble cross, standing erect on the slab, is :

Margaret Ellen Clifford Biddell, born July 29, 1867, died Feby. 13th, 1868.

Near this is a large and handsome monument, having two gothic recesses in each of its north and south sides, and one in each of its east and west ends. The shafts of the columns which support the arches are of grey granite; and, within one of the arches on the south side, is this inscription :

Sacred to the memory of Susan Dorington, wife of John Edwd. Dorington, Esq., of Lypiatt Park, born June 5, 1794, died Octr. 4, 1866.

"Thy will be done."

A monument consisting of a truncated Obelisk bearing a draped funeral Urn :

Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann, wife of John Hewlett who died July 8th, 1858, aged 24 years.

A dwarf Altar-tomb :

In memory of William Davis, Currier, late of Stroud, who died Oct. 7, 1860, aged 58 years. Also of William his eldest son, who died and was buried at Richmond, Virginia, United States, July 11th, 1860, aged 26 years. Also of John, his third son, who died and was buried at Ludlow, Shropshire, Aug. 8th, 1860, aged 21 years. And also of Mary his second daughter, who died July 28th, 1861, aged 26 years.

A square Altar-tomb, bearing a decorated pinnacle supported by figures of Faith, Hope, Charity and Truth. A tablet on its north side is inscribed :

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Henry Marmont of this town, who died June 25th, 1860, aged 52 years.

A raised coped tomb :

Sacred to the memory of Margaret Dorothea Andrewes Uthwatt, who departed this life Novr. 20th, 1860, aged 59 years.

Sacred to the memory of Harriott Mabella Uthwatt, the beloved wife of Edolph Andrewes Uthwatt, Esq., she departed this life March 3rd, 1863, aged 82 years.

A coped tomb, bearing the symbols of Freemasonry, is thus inscribed :

In memory of Edmund Purnell Miles, surgeon of this town, born April 27, 1800, died Decr. 27, 1861. This monument was erected by a few friends in admiration of his general benevolence, and his warm-hearted friendship.

An oblong gothic tomb, having eight arched recesses between pillars whose shafts are polished sepentine marble: and within one of the recessesis the following:

Here rests the body of Charles Stanton, of Upfield, Pakenhill, who died March 27th, aged 66 years.

A neat coped tomb has this inscription:

In memory of Sarah Jane, youngest child of William Henry and Caroline Withey of this town, who died October 1st, 1864, aged 11 months.

An ornamental truncated Obelisk :

Erected by the inhabitants of Stroud to the memory of John Selby Howell, for upwards of 50 years parish clerk of Stroud. He died June, 1867, aged 82. He was valued in life for his integrity, and he died respected and regretted.

I am the resurrection and the life saith the Lord

On the stone border of a vault is inscribed :

Roger Poslethwaite, of Belmont, Stroud, born April 25, 1807, died Octr. 10th, 1864.

In an enclosed vault lie interred the remains of John Paine, of Corbett House, Stroud, who died May 17th, 1862, aged 77; and Susan Paine, his wife, who died Jany. 1st, 1860, aged 72; also John Burder Paine, infant son of William Henry and E. Julia Paine, who died Octr. 30th, 1857.

In another vault is deposite the body of Thomas Daniel Hill, of the Thrupp, who died Sept. 3rd, 1866, aged 51.

Here also is laid all that was mortal of Joshua Wall, who died Decr. 21st, 1869, aged 34. He had designed and executed many works of high art in sculpture; which with 100 of the surrounding monuments, attest his genius and his industry.

Among the aged persons interred here is Susan Dancey Face, widow of William Face. She was born at Stroud, Novr. 5th, 1763. Her maiden name was Morgan. She was a poor, but respected, member of the society of Wesleyans in Acre-street. She died Decr. 22nd, 1863, aged 100 years and 47 days, and was buried Decr. 26th, 1863. She preserved her mental faculties as long as she lived; and one of her early remembrances was that, in her young days, she had cleaned the shoes of the Rev. John Wesley, when he was on one of his visits to his society in Stroud.

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