Tetbury Church Monumental Inscriptions

Inscriptions on the Monuments existing in the Parish Church at Tetbury, Gloucestershire in 1857. Transcribed from "The History of the Town and Parish of Tetbury", by Rev. Alfred T. Lee, published in 1857.

(South Cloister.)

Hic jacet Franciscus SAVAGE, Filius Gualtieri Savage de Brodway in com. Wigorn. Armig. qui obiit2 die March Ano. Domini 1671.

Maria uxor ejus filia Edmundi ESTCOURT, gen., obiit 26 die August, Anno Domini 1645

J.S. 1689

C.S. 1750

J.C.S. 1836

M.S. Feb. 7th, 1842

J.S. 1803

C.S. 1846

Here lyeth the body of Francis SAVAGE, late of this place, gent., who departed this life the seventeenth day of April, in the year of our Lord 1740, aged 63 years.

Underneath are interred the mortal remains of Sarah, wife of William SAVAGE of this town, gent., who died the 19th day of July 1767, aged 73.

William SAVAGE died 15th Octr. 1775, aged 84. C.S. 1847.

(South side of East wall, on a marble slab.)


Johannis SAVAGE, Arm. Qui e vita cessit Decembris 19, A.D. 1772, Aetatis suae 63.

Franciscus SAVAGE, Gen. Obiit Oct. 17, A.D. 1769, Aet. 54.


Elizabetha SAVAGE Obiit Nov. 14, A.D. 1777, Aet. 69.

Eleanora SAVAGE Obiit Aug. 6, A.D. 1763, Aet. 49.

(South side of the Altar)


Joannis SAVAGE, A.M. Viri, innocui, probi, pii, qui vixit annos LIX. Obiit XVII. Mart. MDCCCIII.

(North wall of South Cloister)

Near to this tablet lies interred the body of John Claxton SAVAGE, B.A. Oriel Coll. Oxford; eldest son of John and Rachel SAVAGE, of this place, and of Henleaze in this County. He died at Oxford the 20th. of Jany., 1836, aged 23 years.

"What I do thou knowest not now,"

"But thou shalt know hereafter."

(South Cloister)

To Maria, only daughter of John and Rachel SAVAGE, who died at Henleaze, February 7th, 1842, aged 18 years.

"The Lord knoweth those that are His."

(South side of East wall.)

Sacred to the memory of Mary DEACON, of Elmestree, in this parish; Who died February 23rd, 1769, Aged 84 years. And to the memory of Thomas, her father, and Mary, her mother.

(North side of East wall.)

Near this place lie the remains of Gilbert GASTRELL, gent., who died Decr. 6th, 1732, Aet. 70.

Also Anne, his wife, daughter of of William SAVAGE, Esq., who died July 18th, 1695, Aet. 34.

And Mary his second wife, who died August 14th, 1745, Aet 78.

Also James, son of Gilbert and Anne GASTRELL, who died Jan. 12th, 1749, Aet. 60.

Also Mary, his wife, who died March 12th, 1774, Aet. 77.

And Gilbert, their son, who died July 19th, 1747, Aet. 24.

Also James DALBY, gent, who married Jane, their daughter, and died Nov. 6th., 1773, Aet. 51.

And Mary, daughter of the said James and Jane DALBY, who died Decr. 6th, 1775, Aet. 25.

And James, their son, who died Aug. 29, 1794, Aet. 37.

Jane DALBY, widow, died December 18th, 1785, Aet. 65.

Mary GASTRELL, spinster, her sister, died Sept. 3rd, 1789, Aet. 65.

Their bodies are deposited in the North Cloister, with Ann, their sister, who died Novr. 6th, 1801, Aet. 63.

Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas BERKELEY, Esq., dyed Jany. 27, 1753, Aged 31.

(North side of the Altar.)

To the memory of Joseph WICKES, gent., and Elizabeth, his wife. He died Jany. 17th., 1764, aged 70.

She died Aug. 15th., 1764, aged 64..

And also of their son, Thomas Croome WICKES, D.D., late Vicar of this parish, who died March 31st, 1786, aged 60; and is buried with his father and mother, on the North side of this Church.

Joseph WICKES, gent., died August 21st., 1771, Aet. 60.

Eleanor WICKES, spr., died January 13th, 1788, Aet., 49.

Ann BUTT, widow, died March 19th, 1791, Aet. 49.

Their bodies are deposited under a tomb in the North part of this Church yard.

(North wall of South Cloister.)

To the memory of Arabella Boyd DACRES, wife of Captain DACRES, of the Royal Navy, and daughter of General Sir Hew DALRYMPLE, Bart. She departed this life on the 11th April 1828, in the 36th year of her age; having ever acquitted herself of her duties to the husband, and the nine children she has left, in a manner the most exemplary.

(South wall of South Cloister)

In memory of James Richard DACRES, Esqre. Vice-Admiral of the Red Squadron, who died at Catisfield Lodge, Hants., on the 4th December, 1853, aged 64 years.

Also of his son, James Richard DACRES, Esqre., Commanding H.M. sloop Nimrod, who died at Mozambique, on the 14th February, 1848, aged 37 years.

And of his youngest son, Hew Dalrymple DACRES, Esqre. Lieut. in H.M. 67th Regt., who died at sea, on his passage from Barbadoes, 11th July, 1835, aged 21 years.

(Near the last door of the South Cloister, on an oval brass.)

Here lyeth the body of Sarah, the wife of Christr.* CLARK, who departed this life ye 31st day of January, Anno Dom. 1737, Aetat suae 30.

(North side of East wall.)

Eleanor, wife of Robert CLARK, died September 29th, 1755, aged 23 years.

Esther, his second wife, died May 8th, 1794, aged 75 years.

Robert Clark, gent., died January 16th., 1795, aged 62 years.

(South Cloister)

Thomas CRIPPS, Esqre., of Upton, in this parish, died Decr. 19th, 1803, aged 77.

Margaret CRIPPS, relict of the above T. CRIPPS, died Feby. 22nd 1797, aged 66.

Mary CRIPPS, died Octr. 22nd 1796, aged 68.

John CRIPPS, Esqre., Died Feby. 12th, 1818, aged 88.

(South side of the Altar)

Sacred to the memory of four children of George & Alice WHITE:

Richard Talboys, who died February 13th, 1774, aged 8 months.

Thomas Colthurst, who died June 30th, 1775, aged 4 months.

Alice Talboys, who died June 5th 1779, aged 6 months.

And George, who died January 23rd, 1788, aged 17 years.

And also of the said Alice, wife of the above mentioned George WHITE, who died Decr. 6th, 1794, aged 58 years.

Also Mr. George WHITE, Att. at Law, died Decr. 4th, 1807, aged 74 years.

(North Cloister)

In memory of Elizabeth WHITE, Widow, who died Decr. 6th, 1827, aged 74.

Maria Ann PITT, niece of the above, died January 10th, 1841. aged 68 years.

Also Elizabeth PITT, died April 24th 1846, aged 68 years.

(West Wall)

Isaac BENNET, Esqre., died 21st November 1815, aged 68.

Daniel BENNET, Esqre., of this town, died March 12th, 1821, aged 77.

Martha, his wife, died Feby. 20th, 1821, aged 63.

Sacred to the memory of Joseph OVERBURY, who died 7th Oct., 1844, aged 64 years.

Elizabeth, wife of Joseph OVERBURY, who died September 25th, 1832, aged 50 years.

Harriette Sarah Davies, died Nov. 6th, 1842, aged 52 years.

(On a brass plate in the S. Cloister).

Sacred to the memory of Henry BAMFORD, son of Rob. and Dorothea BAMFORD, of Newhouse, in the parish of Stroud, who died Jan. 13, 1832, aged 5 years.

Also of Maria BAMFORD, their daughter, who died May 4th, 1832, aged 1 year.

Also of Edward, son of the aforesaid Robert and Dorothea BAMFORD, ofNewhouse, Stroud, he died Aug. 13th, 1836, aged 3 years and 8 months.

Also of Isabella, daughter of Robert and Dorothea BAMFORD, of the Lammas, Minchinhampton, who died 5th Jany, 1855, aged 26 years.

In memory of Joseph SMITH, who departed this life December 4th, 1834, aged 62 years.

Also of Mary SMITH, spinster, who died August 1st 1845, aged 79 years.

(North side of East wall)

Sacred to the memory of Mary SUMMERS, who died 21st March 1826, aged 85.

Sacred to the memory Thomas FISHER, of the Grange, in this parish, Gent., who died November 12th, 1736, aged 63 years.

And of Anne, his wife, who died June 10th, 1756, aged 69 years.

And of Mary, their daughter, who died February 9th, 1744, aged 28 years.

Their remains are deposited in the North Cloister.

In memory of Mary, wife of William FISHER, who died November 28th, 1795, aged 66 years.

William FISHER, gent., died February 27, 1807, aged 79 years.

Mary, daughter of Thomas and Ann FISHER, of the Grange, in this parish, died Feby 9th, 1744, aged 28.

Sacred to the memory Thomas Fisher BYAM, gent., who departed this life June 16th, 1810, aged 26 years.

Also Ann, his wife, who died June 12th, 1843, aged 67 years.

(South Wall of South Cloister)

Simon OATRIDGE, Esq., died February 6, 1801, aged 61 years.

Mary, his wife, died December 24, 1792, aged 46 years.

(South Cloister)

To the memory Daniel OATRIDGE, of Doughton, in this parish, who died March 7th, 1771, aged 72 years.

Also of Margaret, his wife, who died April 30th, 1741, aged 35 years.

Mary OATRIDGE, wife of Simon OATRIDGE, gent., of Doughton, in this parish, Obiit Decr. 24th, 1792, Aet. 46.

Simon OATRIDGE, gent., Obiit Feby. 6th, 1801, Aet. 61.

Margaret GEATRELL, died April 1st, 1783. aged 52.

Daniel OATRIDGE, gent., died March 13th, 1787, aged 53.

Mary, his relict, died March 13th, 1806, aged 73.

(South side of East wall)

Sacred to the memory of John PAUL, Esqre., who died September, 1787, aged 80.

And of Sarah, his wife, who died August 28th, 1796, aged 83.

Also of Mary, his sister, Relict of John GETHIN, gent., who died August2nd, 1782, aged 72.

Richard TIPPETTS, gent., died February 16th, 1741, aged 41.

Hester, his wife, sister of John PAUL, Esqre., died April 16th, 1782, aged 64.

Josiah Paul PAUL, Esqre., died September 23rd, 1797, aged 48 years.

Esther, his daughter, died February 10th, 1778, aged 8 months.

Josiah, his son, Lieutenant in the 69th Regt. of Foot, died in the service of his country, at the Helder, on the coast of Holland, September 28th, 1799, aged 20 years.

Mary, relict of Josiah Paul PAUL, Esqre., died January 13th, 1814, aged 59 years.

Sacred to the memory of the Revd. Samuel Paul PAUL, late Vicar of this parish, Obt. 29th July, 1828, Aet. 47.

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, And thou shalt be saved."

Acts, chap. 16, verse 31.

Sacred to the memory of John Paul PAUL, Esqre., who died the 10th of June, 1828, aged 55.

Also of John PAUL, Esqre., his eldest son, who died the 13th of Octr., 1817, aged 22.

Also of Mary, relict of John Paul PAUL, Esqre., who died the 5th day of Octr., 1843, aged 73.

Alfred John PAUL, Esqre., Commander R.N., sixth son of Robert Clark PAUL, Esqre. of this town, born 11th January 1811, died 18th August 1845.

He entered the Naval Service in January 1824; was midshipman of the Dartmouth, at Navarino, and Flag Lieutenant in the Wellesley, at the taking of Chusan, and in the operations against Canton and subsequent capture of that city, in the year 1841; in which service he obtained his promotion.

This tablet is erected by his brothers as a token of the sincere love and affection which they bore him.

(North side of East Wall)

In memory of Charles William PAUL, Solicitor, seventh son of Robert Clark PAUL, Esqre., born 12th Feby., 1813, died 14th March 1854.

(South Cloister)

Harriette FRAMPTON, January 18, 1851. R.I.P.

(North Cloister)

William WOOD, died June 25th, 1799, aged 72.

Hannah, his wife, died May 7th, 1787, aged 55.

Sarah WOOD, died Novr. 23rd, 1832, aged 72.

William WOOD, died Nov. 2, 1822, aged 65.

Elizabeth, his wife, died Sepr. 23rd., 1827, aged 73.

William WOOD, died Octr. 2nd, 1834, aged 51.

(South Wall of North Cloister)

Sacred to the memory of Jacob WOOD, Esqre., who departed this life Decr. 31st, 1849, aged 65.

(South Cloister)

In memory of John LETALL, who died Decr. 17, 1830, aged 62 years.

(North Wall of South Cloister)

In memory of Thomas ALEXANDER, a lover of learning, truth, and virtue, who died December 4th, 1806, aged 68 years.

And of Ann, his wife, who died January 3rd, 1804, aged 74 years.

Search the Scriptures in hope of glory, honour, and immortality.

John ARUNDELL, died June 17th, 1808, aged 66 years.

Sarah, his wife, died Septr. 1st, 1814, aged 80 years.

In memory of Ann CLISOLD, died May 8th, 1808, Aet. 82.

Mary, daughter of Ann CLISSOLD, died Oct. 11th, 1806, Aet. 49.

(Floor of West Cloister)

In memory of Walter Willshire PIKE, who died December, aged 35.

Also of Charles PIKE, who died Oct. 15th, aged 13.

Also of Elizabeth and Charlotte, daughters of Thomas and Sarah PIKE, who died in their infancy.

Thomas PIKE, died Feby. 23rd, 1813, aged 63 years.

Sarah, wife of Thomas PIKE, died Feby. 16th, 1819, aged 63 years.

(South side of East wall, on a marble slab)

To the memory of Walter Willshire PIKE, Commander Royal Navy, son of the late Thomas and Sarah PIKE, of this parish. He died at Bristol, Decr. 7th, 1849, aged 64. And his remains lie interred within this church.

Captain PIKE served as Lieutenant in the Euryalus frigate at the ever memorable battle of Trafalgar; and was not less repected in his profession as an officer, than he was esteemed by a large circle of friends in private life as a gentleman.

(West wall of the Church, on a marble slab)

In a vault in the Church yard lies interred the remains of Henny HARVEY, wife of Samuel Clay HARVEY, Esqr., of Cooling, in the county of Kent, who died the 21st of November, 1789, aged 53 years.

In memory of whom this monument is erected.

In the same vault are interred the remains of Samuel Clay HARVEY, Esqre., who died the 18th of February, 1791, aged 75 years.

Also of Josph COOPER, brother of the said Henny HARVEY. He died the 16th of January, 1798, aged 50 years.

Sacred to the memory ofMaria, the wife of Samuel Albin SAUNDERS, formerly of Upton Grove, in this parish, Esqre., who was born on the 11th of August, 1808, and died at Hastings on the 28th of May, 1852.

Also of their children, Samuel Allen SAUNDERS, who was born on the 23rd of March, 1847, and died on the 1st of November following.

And of Rosa Maria SAUNDERS, who was born on the 27th of April, 1848, and died in London on the 28th of April, 1850.

(North side of the Churchyard)

To the memory of Ann BROOKES, daughter of William & Elizabeth BROOKES, departed this life 20th day of Novr.1798, aged seventeen years, ten months, three weeks, and three days.

To the memory of Thos. BROOKES, son of William and Elizabeth BROOKES, of Elmestree, in this parish, who departed this life 20th Jany., 1808, aged 21 years.

To the memory of John BROOKES, son of William & Elizabeth BROOKES, of Elmestree, in this parish, died August 1st, 1810, aged 25 years.

To the memory of Mary BROOKES, spinster, of Elmestree, in this parish, who departed this life 24th June, 1805, aged 64 years.

To the memory of Thos. BROOKES, of Elmestree, in this parish, bachelor, who departed this life the 11th day of February, 1812, aged 83 years.

To the memory of Elizabeth, wife of William BROOKES, of Elmestree, in this parish, who departed this life, June 28, 1821, aged 62 years.

From youth through life not free from wordly care, Yet harmless as the Dove her manners were:

She held that faith on earth to Christians given, In hope to merit a reward in Heaven.

William BROOKES, died March 21, 1825, aged 85 years.

"The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance."

Sacred to the memory of Joseph BROOKES, son of Wil. and Elizth. A. BROOKES, of New Street Square, London, who died the 25th of June, 1824, aged five months.

Sacred to the memory of Joseph BROOKES, of Elmestree, in this parish, who died Aug. 13, 1832, aged 40 years.