Tetbury Burial Registers

The items listed below are extracts from the registers covering the period 1631-1811, selected by the Rev. Alfred T. Lee

1631 Clement NICHOLAS buried 25th of March 1631 [First entry in burial register]
1658 The 15th of January, deceased ould Ambrose INDE
1663 Richard TALBOYS, Esq., deceased, the 3rd of August, and was buried the 18th of August 1663
1665 John DENNING, Clerk of this Parish for about fifty years, was buried the 25th day of May, aetas 91.
1667 Eliza CREED, illegittimata (buried).
1669 An KNOWLES, murdered by her own son, and buried April ye 19th, 1669.
  Richard KNOWLES, hanged in irons, for murderen his own mother, August 4th.
1674 Mr. Saml GASTRILE, Oct. ye 30th.
  Mr. John ELTON, Dec. ye 18th.
1675 Good wife HUGINGE, May ye 24th
  A child of Witch WARRAND, Martch ye 12th
1678 Henry HEAVEN, scoolmaster.
1689 A child of Witch COMLEYS, May ye first
1681 Mr. William SAVAGE, Esquire, Octob. ye 3.
1685 Mr. James GASTRILE, deceased Octob. ye 12th
1696 Mr. Daniel NORRIS, Vicar, Aprill 22nd.
1695 A child of Wm. HOLFORDS, Dec. 5th
  Mr. DEACONS kinswoman, 30th.
  A Quaker, January 31st.
1700 Dr. STEDMAN, May 3rd.
1701 A Stranger, Feb. 18.
  A Scotchman, May 28.
1703 Mr. HALL, Schoolmaster, June 5th.
  Old CROWTHER, A Quaker, January 21
1705 Wm. HOLFORDS child, Nov. 4th.
1708 A child found dead in the Church porch, buryed Feb. 14th.
1720 Charles FISHER, a soulder, was shot on Monday, May the 25th, 1720, at the four mile house for desertion. Witness, John Mitchell, Clark.
1738 Elinor and Aquilla TURTELL, killed by ye fall of an house, March 8.
1769 Mrs Mary DEACON, aged 84, much lamented, March 2
1773 James Stephens, our excellent Parish Clerk, aet 53, November 6th
1775 Mary, d. of John BARNFIELD, killed by a waggon, Aug. 16
1777 Jane, d. of William LUDLAM, a child murder'd by its mother, May 19
  The Revd. John WIGHT, M.A., Vicar of this Parish, April 7
  A chimney-sweeper, name unknown, June 26
1788 Elizabeth, the relict of T.C. WICKES, D.D., late Vicar, Dec. 27
1792 Revd. Mr. Jno RICHARDES, Vicar of this Parish, May 31st
1795 William PREEN, found drown in a Canal between Stroud and Salperton, July 8th
1797 Mrs Ann TAYLOR, in her life time a great benefactress to the Tetbury Sunday Schools, Dec. 21st.
1800 A poor soldier belonging to the 43rd Regt. of Foot, Dec. 17th.
1803 The Revd. Mr. John SAVAGE, Rector of Beverstone, March 26th.
  Thos. CRIPPS, of Upton, Dec. 30th
1807 Mary SMITH, of DOUGHTON, who was blind for many years, Dec. 15th.
1809 Mr. Robert WIGHT, one of the Feoffees of this Borough, March 5th.
1809 John PILL, Junr., who was executed at Fisherton, March 26
  Mary PETERS, found dead in a well, April 21
1811 Josiah, S. of Samuel and Sarah LEE, a gipsey boy, who was shot, Oct. 5

Transcribed from "The History of the Town and Parish of Tetbury", by Rev. Alfred T. Lee, published in 1857.

Most, but not all, the extracts also appeared in Volume 1 of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries, published in 1881.