There are numerous English derivations of the surname, namely Gibben, Gibbens, Gibbin, Gibbins, Gibbings,, Gibbon, Gibbons, Gibb, Gibbs, Gibbe, Gibbes, Gibson, and Gibby, all of which have the same origin - 'baptised the son of Gilbert' or a diminutive of Gibb (Gilbert) e.g. Gibb-on.

The Military Survey of Gloucestershire 1522, mentions John Gybons of Ozleworth, John Gebons of Standish, Richard Gybons of Taynton, Thomas Gibbons of Dymock, Thomas Gebons of Brimpsfield and Thomas Gybons of Longhope.

Wills exist for George Gibbons of Birdlip 1578 and for John Gibbons of Painswick 1583 and it is possibly from the latter that the following Gloucestershire family descend.


A search of the Miserden parish church register reveals that the first record of a Gybens, is that of the christening of John son of John in 1622. Other entries occur, but it is not until 1692 when the marriage of John Gibbins and Mari Coock took place, that a complete line for the family appears. Whilst an Anthony Gibbins 1630 appears to be the only other recorded male Gibbins at Miserden, the christenings of Gibbins children from 1693 to 1709 can only be attributed to John and Mary and hence the following family:-

Mary, 1693
John, 1699, who married Mary Barnfield and had issue.
Samuel, 1702, twin of
Daniel, 1702, who married Sarah Damsell at Bisley, see below. Note! The entry in the Bisley register quotes Daniel's surname as Gibson.
Sarah, 1703, who married Thomas Allen.
Elizabeth, 1709

Daniel Gibbins, died in 1783 at Miserden. The issue of Daniel and Sarah were:-

Samuel, 1739, who married Ann Hilman and had issue at Miserden, see below.
Mary, 1743
Daniel, 1745, cordwainer, who married firstly Mary Fisher and had issue, and secondly Betty Coates and had issue.

Samuel Gibbins, died in 1796 at Miserden. The issue of Samuel and Ann were:-

Nathaniel, 1766, baker, who married Sarah Browning and had issue at Miserden.
Anthony, 1769, who married Hannah Lusty and had issue at Miserden, see below.
John, 1772, pargiter, who married Hannah Dicks and had issue at Stone.

Anthony Gibbins, labourer, died in 1848 at Miserden. The issue of Anthony and Hannah were:-

Ann, 1796
John, 1797, carpenter, who married firstly Ann Piff and had issue at Miserden, and secondly Caroline Arnold and had issue at Boddington.
Mary, 1800
Margaret, 1802, who had issue and later married William Phips.
Sarah, 1803
Rachel, 1805
Hannah, 1807, who married William Russell
William, 1809, slatter/plasterer, who married Hannah Wherrett and had issue.
Samuel, 1810, mason/plasterer, who married Susannah Greenwood and had issue at Daglingworth.

John Gibbins was a carpenter who died in 1881 at Staverton. The issue of John and Ann were:-

Hannah, 1820, who had issue, and married William Awford.
Anthony, 1821, wheelchairman, who married firstly .....?, secondly Hannah Maria Cherrington (nee Smith), and thirdly Elizabeth Ellison.
William, 1823, labourer, who married firstly Elizabeth Emma Smith and had issue in the Cheltenham area, and secondly Elizabeth Leech Kendall and had issue in the Cheltenham area, see below.
John, 1825, Ag.lab., who married Caroline Gaskins and had issue at Deerhurst.
Thomas, 1827, labourer, who married Susan (nah) Butt, and had issue at Staunton.
Samuel, 1829, wheelchairman, who married Emma Elliott and had issue.
Mary, 1832, who married Joseph Wilks?

The issue of John and Caroline (Arnold) were:-

Mary Ann, 1859, who married John Critchley.
George, 1861
James, 1863, who married Nora Ward and had issue at Llanvihangel Llantarnum, Mon.
William, 1870?

William Gibbins was a labourer and gardener, who died in 1890. The issue of William and Elizabeth Emma (Smith) were:-

John Henry, 1844
Helen Maria, 1847

The issue of William and Elizabeth (Leech Kendall) were:-

Albert, 1851, plasterer, who married Mary Ann Allibone and had issue at Cheltenham, see below.
Rosa, 1854
Thomas, 1856, engine driver, who married Eliza Nicholl and had issue.
William, 1858, who married Caroline Jones and had issue.
Lucy, 1861, who married William Henry Lloyd Evans
Arthur John, 1864, drayman, who married and had issue at Cheltenham.

Albert Gibbins (Gibbons), plasterer, milkman, who died in 1933 at Cheltenham. The issue of Albert and Mary Ann were:-

Ann Louisa, 1872
Ernest Albert, 1873
Minnie Florence, 1875, who married William Stowe
Walter William, 1879, who married Hannah Griffin and had issue in the Cheltenham area, see below.
Laura Mabel, 1881, who married William Isaac Pearce
Rose Elizabeth, 1884, who married Albert Hughes
Edith Maude May, 1888

Walter William Gibbons was my grandfather, who married Hannah Griffin in 1903. Hannah's grandparents came from Alwalton, Huntingdon.

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