Brimpsfield Parish Register Extracts

The following extracts cover the period from 1591-1806. Transcribed from Volume 1 of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries, edited by the Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, M.A, published in 1881.

The following extracts were made in the year 1833 by the Rev. John WARD of Wath, Yorkshire, a very accurate archaeologist; and they have been kindly communicated by the Rev. Cannon JACKSON, F.S.A., Rector of Leigh Delamere, Chippenham :-

1591. The 3 of October John TURNER, late p'son of Brymsfyeld, was Buryed.

1593. June 20. Mar: Tho: EYCATT [and] Johan TURNER, vid. p'sonae TURNER.

1594. May 13. Bur. Tho: EYCOTT.

-- Aug. 9. Bap. Margarett EYCOTT, daughter of Tho. EYCOTT.

1597. Dec. 26. Bur. Eliza KNIGHT, wyffe of Mr. KNIGHT, of Syde.

1599. No. 29. That day Abygaile SMART was born, and Bap. the 2 Decem., St. Andrew's eve, daughter of Ja. SMART, precher there.

1602. May 10. Mar. James SMARTE and Elizabeth WESTRIPP, als. HEYWARD, who was ye wydow of John WESTRIPP, preacher att Leonard Standley, and there dyed. Ego Jacbus Smartus Concionator.

1603. Mar. 20. Bap. James SMARTE & Mary SMARTE, Twins, son & daughter of Ja: SMARTE, minister there.

1603. June 17. Bur. Ja: SMARTE. Buryed att Bysley.

1604. Decem. 9. Bap. Ja: SMARTE, filius Jacobi SMARTI.

--- Decem. 23, Bur. the same Ja: SMARTE.

Walter LONG was churchwarden in 1604.

1608. Feb 14. Bap. Uriah SMARTE, filius Jacobi SMARTI.

-- June 28. Bur. Uriah SMARTE.

1609. Decem. 1. note I Ja: SMARTE had a son bur., not bap., yt died before.

1616. James SMARTE, parson, was buried the xxix th of September.

1617. Mr. John HIGGES, of Cheltenham, and Mrs. Jane SANDYS, of Brimedfeild, were married the 8 day of July.

--Culpeper, the daughter of Sir Willm & Dame Margaret SANDES, of Brimesfeild, was baptized the 27 daie of October.

1618. Elizabeth SMARTE, widdow, was buried the third day of September.

------ Guydo HARRIS, Bachelor of Art, was buried the xxj day of December.

1619. Sir John STEED, Knight, and Mrs. Hester SANDES were married the xxxth day of November.

1620. Mr. William KINGSTON, of Haselhouse, and Mrs Anne CULPEPER, of Brimsfield, were married the xxxth day of July 1620.

1621-2. The infant of Mr. FRANCIS & Mrs. Joane WEBBE, of Winston, was buried the 2 day of Jan.

---- Anne, the daughter of Mr. Francis & Mrs. Joane WEBBE, of Winston, was baptized the xj day of January, 1621-2.

--- Anne, the daur. of Mr. Francis WEBBE & Joane, his wife, was buried the xix day of Januarie, 1621.

1622-3. Elizabeth, the daughter of Mr. Willm. & Mrs. Anne KINGSTON, was baptized the 4th day of February.

1623. Marie, the daughter of Sir MILES and dame Marie SANDES, of Brimsfield, was baptized the xxxth daie of November.

1624. Hester, the daughter of Mr. Henry & Mrs. Jane SANDES, of Brimsfield, was baptized the xviij day of Maie, ano 1624.

1624-5. Sandes, the daughter of Mr. Willm & Mrs. Anne KINGSTON, of Hazelhouse, was baptized the ix daie of January.

1625. William, the Sonne of Sir Miles & Dame Mary SANDYS, of Brimsfield, was baptized the first day of Maie.

------- Jane, the wife of Mr. Joseph FORDE, of Hanbury, rector, was buried the ixth day of July.

1629 Jane, the dr. of John & Jane LONGE, of Birdlip, bap. 6 Dec.

1632. Henry, the son of John & Jane LONG, of Birdlip, bap. 1 Octr.

1635-6. John, son of Walter & Jane LONGE, of Birdlip, bap. 7 Jan.

1636. John MARTIN, parson, was buried the 24th day of July.

John NEWMAN, Bachelour of Arts, Curate May ye 9th 1640.

1641. Julian LONGE, of Cubbrley, was buried the 29th of September.

------ Robert, sonne of Walter LONGE, of Birdlip, bap. Novr. 1.

1643. A Souldier that came downe press'd wth ye Earle of Essex, by his vocation a Silke Weaver of King strete in Westmenster, in his returne from Gloc: was consumed of Vermin, died & was buried Septembr 29th.

------- William, son of John LONGE, of Birdlip, bap. Novr. 1.

------ Julian, dr. of Walter LONGE, of Birdlip, bap. Novr. 1.

Anno Dom. 1647 Will. ELBRIDGE, Curate.

1647. John MERIDDITH, of Solomon Hope, in ye County of Hereford, dyinge in his passage from tithinge to tithinge, was buryed Octobr. 27.

1651. Elizabeth, daur. ofMr Willm. ROGERS, bap. Apr. 29.

------- Mary, the wife of Mr. William ROGERS, of Bremsfeild, was buried July ye 19th.

1651-2. Marie, dr. of Mr. Thomas MARTIN, of Cirincester, woollcomber, was bap. Feb. 19.

1657-8. Jan. the 14. Bur. Jane, the wife of Walter, LONG, of Bidlip.

1668. June 3. Bap. Dorothy, daur. of Edward SANDES, gent. Henry HOOK, Rector, 1668.

1670. Apr. 6. Bap. Hamburie, the sonn of Edward SANDYS, gent.

1672. Octr. 21. Mistris MARTIN Bur.

1673. May 30, Bap. Martha, dau. of Edward SANDES, gent.

1674. Sep. 26. Roger TAYLOR, Gent., & Ann SANDES married.

1676. Nov. 27. Buried Walter LONG.

1677. Janry. 22th. Bapt. Ruth, ye daughter of Walter & Joan LONG, of Birdlipp.

1678. Bap. Frances, ye daughter of Mr. Henry HOOK, rector of brinsfild.

1681. April 4th. Baptd. Walter, ye son of Walter LONG & of Joane, his wife.

1681-2. Jan. 29. Dorothy, ye loving good wife [of] Henry HOOK, Rector, Bur.

1682. Dec. 19. Charles, son of John LONG, Bur.

1685. June 20. Edward, son of Henry HOOK, Rectr., Bap.

1686. Ap. 2 ye wife of John LONG, of Birdlip, Bur.

1686-7. Jan.9. Mary Lady RICHARDSON Bur.

1687. June 15. Rachel, daugh. Henry HOOK, Rectr., & Rachel, his wife.

1688-9. Mar. 22. Eliz; dau. Henry HOOK, Rect. of Brimps., Bap.

1690. Sep. 19. Willm. Henry, son Henry HOOK, Rect., Bap.

1692. Nov. 30. Jane, dau. Henry HOOK, Rect., Bap.

1694. May 7. Ann, sister to Henry HOOK, Rector, Bur.

1694-5. Feb. 21. Deborah [? dau.] of Mr. George GUINNET, Bap.

1696-7. Janu. 13. Walter LONG Bur.

1697. Dec. 15. Martha, dau. of Mr. George GUINNET, Bap.

1699. Sep. 2. Jane, dau. John LONG, Birdlip, Bur.

1701-2 feb. 19. John LONG, of Birdlip, Bur.

1706. July 7. John, son Walter LONG, of Birdlip, Sener, Bap.

1707. August 24. Bayliss, son of Mr. WALFORD, bap.

1708. Aug. 11. Ann, daur. of Mr. LONGFORD, Bap.

1710. June 21. Mr. Henry HOOK, Rect. of Brimps., Bur.

1711. Oct. 16. Edward GAYNOR, Bishops Cleve, & Mrs. Rachel HOOK, mard. [? widow or dau. of the Rev. Henry HOOK]. Note 1

----- Ambre SANDUS, Rectr. [Hambury SANDYS was of Pembroke Coll. Camb., M.A. 1700]

1712. June 10. John WALL, als CANDELL, Clerk, and Mrs. Elizabeth BIGGS, widow, were married.

1712-13. feb. 9. Joane LONG, Birdlip, Cowly parish, widow, buried.

1714. May 23. Eliz: wife of Walter LONG, Birdlip, buried.

1719. Ap. 15. Walter, son John LONG, birdlip, buried.

1720. Dec. 27. Mary barbara, dau Mr. Matthew & Mrs Bridget WALLBANK, of Caudle green, Bap.

1720-21. Mar. 21. George, son of George & Mary GUINNET, Bap.

1721. Aug. Mr. Matthew WALBANK, sinor, buried.

1738. Apr. 20. Saml, son Mr Matthew & Mrs Bridget WALBANK, Bap.

1741. Mar. 31. Jon, son Wm & Hester LONG, buried.

1741. Ap. 6. Matt., son Mr. Matthew & Mrs. WALBANK, buried.

1742. May 26. Water LONG, Birdlip, buried.

1745. July 17. Mr Humphry TAYLOR, of Caudle, Sinor, bur.

1749. Aug. 1. Hester LONG, of Stockell [Stockwell], bur.

1750. May 13, Widow LONG, Birdlip, bur.

1752. June 18. Mrs. Mary TAYLOR, widow of Caudle green, [bur.]

------ Dec. 31. Lucy, dau. Rev. Mr Jn Longdon, of Winston, buried.

1757. May 16. Eliz: wife Mr Isack LARWENCE, Stonehill, buried.

1759. May 29. Old Mr. Isaak LAWRENCE, Stonehill, buried.

1760. November ye 17. Mrs Jane WELCH, of Caudlegreen, was bured.

---- December ye 28. Dinah, the daughter of John LONG & Mary, his wife, baptized.

1761. June ye 28. Richd BIDDALL was buried, which was kill'd in the Quar near High Gate.

---- July ye 15. Mr. Matthew WALBANCK, of Caudlegreen, was buried.

---- December ye 3. Mrs. WEB was buried.

1762. March ye 28, Mrs PITT, of Birdlip, was Buried.

1763. July ye 16. Mrs Sarah WINING, of Stony-hill, was Buried.

---- November ye 6. William DENTON, of Caudlegreen, was buried; he was Clerk of ye Parish.

1764. John LONG, of Birdlip, was buried March ye 7.

---- December ye 26 was buried Richard BIDDEL, of Caddelgreen.

1767. May ye 12. George GWINNETT was buried.

1768. february ye 4 was buried a travilling woman that died in ye Barn.

---- April ye 4. Mary LONGDON, daughter of Mr LONGDON, of Winstone, was buried.

1770. July ye 4. Sarow, ye daughter of thomas WINING & Hannah, his wife, baptized.

1771. Janiwary ye 1. Mr Ricird WELCH was burid.

---- March ye 27. Mrs Elizabeth TAYLOR was burid.

1773. April ye 13. Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of ye Rd Mr William WALBANCK & Hester, baptized.

174. April ye 13. Hester Gaywood, daughter of ye Rd Mr Wm WALBANK & Hester, baptized.

1776. August the 9th. Sarah, dr of William WALBANK, Clerk, & Hesther, his wife, baptized.

---- October 18. Sarah WALBANK buried.

---- November 3rd. Walter LONG buried.

1777 August 19. Elizabeth WALBANK buried.

---- The Revd. James PARSONS, A.M., was inducted into the Rectory of Brimpfield on the 12th day of December, 1777.

---- Thomas MILLS was Curate.

1780. April ye 20. Ann, daughtr of ye Rd Mr William & Hester WALBANCK, baptized.

1781. David LLOYD was Curate.

1783. February ye 16. Robert, son of Ann & John LONG, baptized.

---- March ye 24. Bridget WALBANCK buried.

1784. October ye 29. Revd. William WALBANCK, Rector of Cranham, buried.

1785. The Revd William Metcalfe, A.M., was inducted into the Rectory of Brimpsfield on the tenth day of December, 1785, by David LLOYD, Clerk.

1786 Novr 15. Mary GWINNET, widow, pauper, buried.

1787. July 11. William TAYLOR, Gent., buried.

1791. October 26. Abraham WALBANK, from Chalford, buried.

1793. June 18. Mary GWINNET, pauper, buried.

1795. April 10. Mary BIDDLE, the younger, buried.

---- April 17. Mary BIDDLE, the elder, buried.

1796. April 24. Eliza Catherine, dr. of William & Priscilla METCALFE, baptized.

1797. November 3. William METCALFE, A.M., Rector of Brimpsfield & Cranham, buried.

1798. March 28. Georgina Ann, dau. of the late Wm. METCALFE & Priscilla, his wife, was privately baptized.

---- The Revd. James PITT was inducted to the Living of Brimpsfield.

1802. Esther, widow of William WALBANK, Clerk, buried.

1804. Novr. 2. Samuel WALBANK buried.

1805. April 6. Hesther WALBANK buried.

1806. The Revd. James PHELPS was inducted to the living of Brimpsfield.


1. Rachel BALLINGER married Henry HOOK(e) 16 October 1682 at Cobberley by license. [Information provided by Mike Tovey]