Cam, Gloucestershire

Notes on Cam which will hopefully assist family historians in adding depth to the basic births, baptism, marriage and death records of their ancestors. The notes are taken from odd fragments of information gleaned over the years, and have no specific format.   Much of the information is second or even third hand, and should therefore be checked against the original record. Information is added regularly.

Notes on errors, omissions and additions are always welcomed.

Congregational Chapel, Upper Cam.

Originally Presbyterian. Built around 1702, extensively altered 1818. Sunday school added 1895. Restored 1933


Alexander BAINE of Dursley, mercer, 1749, and Alice, his wife 1740 .

Rev. Thomas GRIFFITH, 21 years minister, 1855, and his wife Ann [BALLINGER], 1823.  

William HARDING of Lower Mill, 1793, his widow Dorothy, 1800, and others.

George MINETT, 1728, and his son George, 1722.

Rev. John THOMAS, 40 years pastor, 1816, and his widow Mary, 1840. 

Rev. Joseph TWEMLOW, first minister, 1740.

Samuel WHITE, 1816, his wife Eleanor, 1795 and others.

Charles WHITTARD, 1830, his wife Elizabeth, 1802, and three children.

Wesleyan Chapel, Chapel St., Lower Cam.

Built 1825, enlarged 1838.

Further Information.

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