Christ Church Cheltenham Monumental Inscriptions

Christ Church is situated in Malvern Rd., Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.

The first volume of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries was published in 1881, edited by Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, M.A. The notes below are taken from this volume, and the spelling and grammar are as the original. The surnames have been put in capitals to aid identification.

This list covers only memorial inscriptions within Christ Church, and was compiled in 1876. Additions are most welcome

There are forty-nine inscriptions, of which literal copies have been taken; and the following is an index to the names mentioned therein, with the date of death in each case :-

William BARNETT, Esqr. Mar. 26, 1867
Archibald William BAXTER June 14, 1844
Thomas Joseph BAXTER Sept. 25, 18412
William BAXTER Sept. 7, 1846
William Richard BAXTER Nov. 3, 1841
Lady Elizabeth BIGNOLD March 30, 1860
Lieut-Col, Abraham BOLTON March 20, 1857
Charles Thomas Lyndon BOLTON Oct. 5, 1848
Eliza Fanny BOLTON May 13, 1848
Capt. John McNeill BOYD, R.N. Feb. 9, 1861
Edward BUBB Aug. 27, 1859
George Turner BUBB Aug. 30, 1857
John BUBB, Solicitor Oct. 21, 1862
Sarah Nancy BUBB Feb. 18, 1876
Thomas Wallis BUBB Dec. 17, 1858
Frances CAPPER June 7, 1850
Mary Ann CAPPER Aug. 28, 1861
Robert CAPPER [Junr] Jan. 12, 1847
Robert CAPPER, Esq. April 22, 1851
Capt. Christopher CODRINGTON Nov. 5, 1841
Anne CURRY May 2, 1873
Letitia CURRY March 9, 1869
Lieut. William DALZELL March 1, 1842
Amelia FANCOURT Jan. 7, 1852
Martin FARRINGTON, 15th Hussars May 2, 1863
Mary Jane FENN Dec. 30, 1870
Mary Jane Bignold FENN Aug. 21, 1860
Samuel Bignold FENN Oct. 30, 1868
Lieut.-Gen. [Thomas] FIDDES, "Bengal Army" April 13, 1863
Colonel David HARRIOTT, C.B. Sept. 6, 1851
Charles Crosland HAY, Esq. July 29, 1858
Janette HAY May 5, 1851
John Monckton HAY, B.C.S. June 11, 1843
Capt. Robert HAY, H.E.I.C.S. Aug. 16, 1849
Lieut. William HAY, B.A. June 7, 1851
Eleanor JOPP Jan. 5, 1859
Charles Turton KAYE, Esqr., M.C.S. Aug. 24, 1846
Major Thomas John KEARNEY June 1, 1857
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry Sheehy KEATING, K.C.B. Sep.12, 1847
Lady Marianne KEATING Feb. 22, 1850
Lieut.-Col. Charles Pratt KENNEDY, B.H.A. May 25, 1875
John Frederick LEES, Esqr., J.P. Sep. 18, 1867
Campbell LIMOND, B.C.S Dec. 1, 1859
Susan Elizabeth LINGWOOD March 28, 1862
Lieut. J.R. MACPHERSON, Bengal Army Aug. 27, 1861
Sara NEWTON Oct. 8, 1853
Thomas NEWTON Nov. 15, 1849
Barbara ROBINSON Sep. 19, 1863
Ellin ROYDS March 14, 1827
John Gilbert ROYDS, Esqr. Sep. 11, 1849
Ann Mina Emily SAVARY Oct. 15, 1862
Mary Elizabeth SAVARY March 29, 1866
Henrietta Augusta SHAWE March 16, 1872
Emily Elizabeth SHERWOOD March 22, 1857
Mary Anne SHERWOOD July 12, 1875
Richard Crosier SHERWOOD, Esqr. Feb. 7, 1850
Capt. Richard Surtees SHERWOOD Dec. 19, 1855
Sophia SHULDHAM Feb. 8, 1855
Mary SYKES Feb. 25, 1844
Lieut-Gen. Richard TICKELL, C.B. Aug. 3, 1855
Lieut. Willam Lockett TROTTER, B.N.I. Aug. 25, 1857
Henry Zouch TURTON June 29, 1847
Colonel Joseph TURTON, B.H.A. Aug. 17, 1858
Marie TURTON March 6, 1875
Mary Dora TURTON Aug. 8, 1855
James WEBSTER, Esq., J.P., D.L. Dec. 6, 1858
Anne WHISH Christmas Night 1863
Jonathan WILLIAMSON, Esq. Feb. 23, 1864

There have not been any interments at Christ Church.


Lieut. Gen. Sir H.S. KEATING, K.C.B., was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Cheltenham.

The Principal Monuments erected in memory of Captain BOYD, R.N., are at Kingstown, Co. Dublin (close to where he perished), and in St. Patrick's National Cathedral, Dublin. The monument referred to above was "erected by thirty members of the congregation of this church, in which his brother [the present Dean of Exeter] ministered for eighteen years.

Lieut-Gen. FIDDES. The Christian name of this officer was Thomas only. A very short obituary notice appears in the Cheltenham Examiner of April 15, 1863, which speaks of him as "Major-General Fiddes." According to this paper he had been a resident in Cheltenham for nearly twenty years. A cadet of 1804, he became colonel (regimental rank) Aug. 9, 1843, and lieutenant-general in the army Sept. 15, 1856. At the time of his decease he is entered as colonel of the 5th Regiment Bengal Native Infantry, and "on furlough" (Indian Army and Civil Service List, 1863).
Colonel Fiddes (he did not become a major-general until June 20, 1854) finally returned to England on permanent furlough February 10, 1845, and died at his residence, Oakfield, Cheltenham, April 13, 1863, at the age of eighty-one. He was of an old Scottish family, Fiddes, Futhes, or Fuddes, and was, it is believed, married.