Marriages at Hampnett 1737-1754

Hampnett, near Northleach, Gloucestershire, UK.

Transcript taken from :Gloucestershire Notes and Queries., Vol. II, 1884.
Edited by REV. BEAVER H. BLACKER, M. A. Published in 1884. London, England.
The notes below are taken from this volume, and the spelling and grammar are as the original.

The extraordinary number of marriages in Hampnett from the year 1737 to 1754, inclusive, (the Marriage Act, commonly called Lord Hardwicke's Act, 26 Geo. II, c. 33, having been passed in 1753,) is worthy of notice. Hampnett is, and always has been, a very small place ; and yet, during the eighteen years referred to, no less than 346 marriages of persons from all parts of Gloucestershire and the neighbouring counties were celebrated there, and are recorded in the parish register. I shall be glad to have an explanation. The Rev. Simon Hughes was the rector of the parish (1733-71), and also surrogate; but this does not, I think, sufficiently account for what I mention. Hampnett is not a very retired place, the church being visible from Northleach, which is only one mile distant. I give the names of persons and places exactly as they appear, but, to save space, without specifying the month and day in each case ; and it is possible that (as oftentimes is most important) a missing link may thereby be supplied.

Hampnett Rectory, Northleach.


John Smart and Sarah Williams, both of Quenington.
Thomas Bartlett, of Stow, and Sarah Perks, of Maugersbury.
Thomas Clark, of Bradforton, [?] Winester, and Anne Lawrence, of Bourton on the Water.
Richard Green and Joanna Betterton, both of Bledington.
Edward Carter, of Leechlade, and ---- Carter, of Witney.
Edward Chappell, of Eastleach, and Martha Cook, of Tainton.
Thomas Watson and Susanna Cox, both of Eastleech Turville.


Thomas Morris, of Upper Gyting, and Betsy Gillet, of Whittington.
Antony Newman, of Windrush, and Mary Mitchel, of Great Barrington.
Thomas Ketcherside, of Srivenham, and Mary Hinks, of Shirburn.
Benjamin Belcher, of Shirborn, and Elizabeth Harris, of Faringdon.
Richard Cooke and Sarah Parry, both of Stroud.
John Banbury and Frances Breakspear, both of Oddington.
Edmund Hall and Ann Mury, both of Aldsworth.
Robert Day, of Odington, and Frances Lane, of Tainton.
William Mushfield, of Northleach, and Eleanor Kilmuster, of Chedworth.
Samuel Fox and Mary Mathews, both of Borton on the Water.


Isaac Titmush, of Gt Risingdon, and Sarah Gillet, of Icomb.
Thomas March and Elizth Proctor, both of Sevenhampton.
Thos Steyt, of Bledington, and Sarah Raligh, of Foscott.
Walter Collet and Ann Acock, both of Morton in Marsh.
John Mills and Mary Wilson, of Bibury.
Jo Freeman, of Lower Gyting, and Mary Dowlswell, of Sevenhampton.
John Pierce, of Burford, and Mary Cross, of Withington.
Rob. Humphris, of Northleach, and Anne West, of Little Compton.
Richd Mansell, of Withington, and Mary Hancock, of Sevenhampton.
James Payn, of Borton on the Water, and Anna Robbins, of Chedworth.
Nicholas Hine, of Longbarrow, and Anne Fletcher, of Bradwell.
William Sims and Elizabeth Eldridge, both of Windrush.
Isaac Duncalfe, [? of] Warwick, and Mary Day, of Great Barington.
Wm Crump, of Gt Barington, and Sarah Heming, of little Barington.
John Crips, of Bampton, and Jane Dabny, of Northleach.


Thomas Martin, of Hampnet, and Hester Borton, of Whitington.
John Ivens, of Prestbury, and Dorothy Sharp, of Sevenhampton.
Richard Pegler and Sarah Brian, both of Maugersbury.
Chas Pearce, of Borton on the Water, and Elizabeth Truby, of Clapton.
Thomas Smith, of Withington, and Jane Hitchman, of Windrush.
Richd Palmer, of Haselton, and Ruth Toms, of Hampnet.
Willm Tilling and Hannah Brakespear, both of Gt Barington.
John Dicks, of Stonehouse, and Anne Herbert, of Stratton.
James Kendal and Jane Hathaway, both of Coln St Aldwyns.
Thomas Burdock and Mary Messiter, both of Alsworth.
Nathaniel Newman and Mary Heming, both of Windrush.
Wm Betteridge and Hannah Freeman, both of Naunton.
Gabriel Gardner and Anne Lambert, both of Coln St Aldwyns.
Saml Fox, of Cirencester, and Sarah Lane, of Stratton.
Richd France, of Bristol, and Mary Turner, of Fairford.
Thomas Spencer and Emy Smith, both of Shirborn.


Jas Rainger, of Cirencester, and Mary Richards, of Coln St Aldwyns.
Thos Tarling and Mary Norris, both of Stratton.
Thoms Philips, of Upper Gyting, and Elizth Day, of Odington.
Ralph Smith, of Withington, and Rachel Robbins, of Chedworth.
Wm Holborow, of Boxwell, and Anne Stephens, of North Cerney.
Wm Rose, of Clapton, and Mary Clapton, of Wick Resingdon.
George Pain and Sarah Mason, both of Stow.
Wm Stephens and Elizth Weeks, both of South Cerney.
Job Powell, of Avening, and Mary Mills, of Hasfield.
Joseph Bedwill and Clara Bedwill, both of East Leech Turville.
John Carter, of Turkdean, and Alice Millard, of Ashen Caines.
Thoms Attwood, of Leechlad, and Isabella Sells, of Inglesome.
John Nutt, of Windrush, and Elizth Simmons, of Gt Barrington.
Thoms Cooper, of Thatcham, and Elizth Hiett, of Fairford.
Richd Goff, of Hook Norton, and Sarah Collett, of Borton on the Water.
Thoms Browne and Mary Maids, both of Gt Risingdon.
Wm Andrews, of Bledington, and Elizth Jordan, of Adlestrop.
Wm Newman and Anne Bolter, both of Adlestrop.
Jno Daniel, of Burford, and Jane Evans, of Farmington.
Jas Datfield, of Whitham, and Eliz. Compton, of Brockhampton.
Richd Richard, of Gt Barrington, and Sarah Merrillee, of Burford.
Jno Tarris and Jane Eldridge, both of Gt Barrington.
Richd Porter and Sabina Howse, both of East Leech Turvil.
Chas Pearce and Grizey Prew, both of Lower Slaughter.
John Price and Mary Newport, both of Southorp.


Wm Chapman and Susanna Bolton, both of Cirencester.
Thoms Lambard, of Tainton, and Mary Pinfold, of Little Barrington.
Anthony Brown, of Stow, and Mary Holtham, of Bibury.
Jno Lapwoth, of East Leech Turvil, and Ursula Hall, of Leechlad.
James Wilson, of Windrush, and Amerdine Brown, of East Leech Turvil.
Anthony Hyett, of Childs : Wicwan, and Hannah Minchin, of Gt Risingdon.
John Fox and Elizth Humphris, both of Burton on the Water.
Robt Croome, of Cirencester, and Anne Meekins, of Cheltenham.
Richard Hitchman and Anne Tooley, both of Shirborn.
Edwd Verinder, of Eastington, and Jane Dabney, of Farmington.
Robert East, of Hailes, and Elizth Barton, of Eastinton.
Wm Harding, of Northleach, and Ann Hulbert, of Ablington.
Giles Midwinter and Anne Wainman, both of Alsworth.
Valentine Keen and Elizth Paxford, both of Adlestrop.
Robert Hall and Katharine Pullin, both of Leechlad.
Jno Haynes, of Lower Gyting, and Hannah Didcox, of Northleach.
Joseph Charley, of Coventry, and Sarah Smith, of Magersbury.
Richd Raynolds, of Clapton, and Mary Young, of Compton Abdale.
John Day and Elizth Day, both of Eastington.
Wm Pridy and Mary Welladvise, of Great Barrington.
Robert Tomlins and Elizth Ivens, both of Bledington.


James Clark and Mary Townsend, both of Northleech.
Richd Humphris, of Charlton Abbots, and Mary Lane, of Winchcomb.
Anthony Hall, of Eastinton, and Sarah Simpson, of Fairford.
John Jones, of Claverdon, and Katherine Toms, of Churton Abbots.
Richard Haynes, of Burford, and Anne Head, of Lower Slaughter.
Robert Radway and Mary Wake, both of Hampnet.
John Smith and Sarah Booker, both of Coln Rogers.
Robt Cambray, of GtRisingdon, and Elizth Harbidge, of Chasilton.
John Iles and Jane Hall, both of Farmington.
Giles Hancock, of Daglingworth, and Ann Osborne, of Brockworth,
Thoms Collet, of Shirborn, and Elizth Herbert, of Little Risingdon.
Richd Hyett and Hester Lydiat, both of Sidington Peter.
Robt Spencer, of Bibury, and Anne Waite, of Chedworth.
Wm Woollams and Elizth Herbert, both of Magersbury.
Wm Smith, of Shirborn, and Jane Price, of Whittington.
Wm Proctor, of Bradforton, Worcester, and Betty Ashwin, of Borton on ye water.
Thoms Brian, of Icomb, and Anne Shaylor, of Adlestrap.
Stephen Clark and Judith Grayhurst, both of Longberough.
Robert Kemble and Anna Maria Benham, both of Stow.
Edwd West, of Northleach, and Emme Gardner, of Coln St Aldwyns.
Anthony Harris and Catherine Green, both of Wick Resingdon.


John Moulder and Elizth Sly, both of Barnsly.
Leonard Fitchew and Hannah Elford, both of Cirencester.
Edwd Griffin and Sabra Day, both of Shipton Olyff.
Edward Fox and Sarah Grimmet, both of Bledington.
Wm Ballard and Anne Clues, both of Fairford.
Joseph Shepperd, of Hunniborn, and Elizth Lonyard, of Willersy.
Joseph Collet and Ann Gibbs, both of Upper Slaughter.
John Lovsy, of Hampnet, and Mary Jenkins, of Northleach.
Willm Ford, of Farmington, and Mary Stephens, of Hampnet.
John Panter, of Sevenhampton, and Susannah Barnet, of Northleach.
John Betterton and Elizth Morgan, both of Maysey Hampton.
Richd Smith, of Upper Gyting, and Mary Perrut, of Cheltenham.
Henry Smith and Margaret Hardiman, both of Stow.
Richd Burrus, of Withington, and Ann Hare, of Shipton Sollars.
Willm Shermer and Sarah Wilson, both of Fairford.
Jno Betteridge, of Marshfield, Monmouth, and Ann Freeman, of Naunton.
Willm Broad, of Chipping Norton, and Mary Williams, of Shirborne.
Jno Hathaway, of Westcot, and Hannah Arkil, of Clapton.
Jno Parsloe, of Badgington, and Rachel Edwards, of Cirencester.
Jno Pearce and Elizth Hinton, both of Northleach.


Jno Tuckwell, of Coln St Aldwyns, and Leana Minstow, of East Leech Turvil.
Thomas Darby and Sarah Lidyeate, both of Cheltenham.
Edmund Ruck and Hannah Arkell, of Sevenhampton.
W" Smith, of Lower Slaughter, and Eliz : Corbett, of Eyford.
John Hyett and Anne Arkell, both of Cheltenham.
Danl Mills, of Filkins, and Rebecca Midwinter, of Alsworth.
Edwd Humphris and Sarah Griffin, both of Upper Gyting.
Thos Kimber, of N. Cerney, and Patience Pearce, of Leachlade.
Richd Dawson, of Bradwell, and Sarah Crump, of Little Barrington.
Thos Kyte, of Borton on the Water, and Mary Lambert, of Little Aston.
Thos Swinford and Betty Wakefield, both of Withington.
Thos Hakins, of Burford, and Anne Maysey, of Alsworth.
Wm Gorten, of Lower Swell, and Hannah Perry, of Bradwell.
Jno Tuffley, of Barnsley, and Hester Cull, of Chedworth.
Benjamin Garlick, of Cirencester, and Annastacia Burnham, of Ashen-Cains.


Joseph Chidley, of Brockforth, and Sarah Timbrel, of Sevenhampton.
Jas Stanley and Frances Bunce, of Dodeswell.
Thos Brooks, of Churchill, and Mary Greenhalf, of Botherop.
Jno Tombs, of Dunsborn Rouse, and Mary Adams, of Farmington.
Thos Heming, of Little Barrington, and Ann Bowl, of Dailsford.
Stephen Mathews, of Condicot, and Mary Eoberts, of Lower Slaughter.
Thoms Stanton, of Oddington, and Anne Mason, of Churchill.
Thos Sheppard, of Northleach, and Mary Wilkins, of Ashen Cains.
Richd Baxter and Elizth Green, both of East Leech Martin.
John Ackers and Sarah Wigins, both of Little Barrington.
Jno Higgs, of Frogmill, and Mary Ackers, of Burford.
Thos Marshfield, of Foscot, and Tabitha Chundler, of Shipton Olyffe.
Timothy Delany and Mary Morgan, both of Sherborn.
Wm Peachey and Elizabeth Peachey, both of Chedworth.
Chas Potter and Elizabeth Robbins, both of Chipping Camden.
Jno Adams, of Sevenhampton, and Susanna Grit, of Whittington.
Joseph Smith and Sarah Minchin, both of Magersbury.
Bobert Hall and Betty Stiles, both of Leechlad.
Thoms Cates, of Rencomb, and Elizabeth Greenaway, of the same.
Wm Simmuns, of Todington, and. Margaret Young, of Eyford.
Wm Dimock and Hester Stanly, both of Cirencester.
Richd Pulham, of Shipton Olyffe, and Anne Price, of Withington.
Stephen Smith and Mary Bennet, both of Leechlad.
Thos Marchant, of Ablington, and Mary French, of Notgrove.
Thos Grimmett, of Bledington, and Sarah Huckins, of Kingham.


Thoms Cambray, of Gt Risington, and Mary Woodman, of Tainton.
Jno Walker, of Cuberly, and Rebecca Rogers, of Foscott.
Jno Goodway, of Alverstone, and Ann Gardner, of Rencomb.
Wm Herbert, of Amney Crucis, and Mary Eldridge, of ----.
Thos Shilham and Margaret Burdsman, of Rowell.
Alexander Wilkins, of Walington, and Sarah Pitman, of Stow.
Saml Embry and Mary Peachey, of Bibury.
William Dancy and Elizth Mills, both of Windrush.
Wm Prosser, of Ledbury, and Hannah Kilmaster, of Naunton.
Jno Shill, of Sevenhampton, and Martha Hill, of Brockhampton.
Richd Ruck and Eliza Hill, both of Sevenhampton.
John Mansell, of Presbury, and Mary Wood, of Withington.
Philip Woodman, of Westcott, and Priscilla Hamblett, of Quenington.
Wm Brown and Clara Bedwell, both of East Leech Turvil.
Isaac Greenuff and Jane Clapn, both of Fifield.
John Hinks and Mary Charlood, both of Borton on the Water.
James Merrick and Anne Ryland, both of Sevenhampton.
Wm Wilson and Sarah Robinson, both of Chedworth.


Thomas Neal and Anne Edden, both of Shirborn.
Juo Hancock, of Daglinworth, and Mary Lane, of Cirencester.
Wm Gills and Jane Deans, both of Fifield.
Samuel Tidmarsh, of Adlestrap, and Mary Hanks, of Lower Swell.
Benjn Atkins, of Borton on the Water, and Elizth Norris, of Clapton.
James Shipway and Elizth Hale, of Naunton.
Francis Radway, of Turkdean, and Mary Howse, of Clapton.
Jas Fender, of Cudsdean, and Mary Bellinger, of Winchcomb.
Saml Taylor and Sarah Nightingard, both of Upper Slaughter.
Richd Ackly and Alice Mall, both of Northleach.
Joseph Porter and Mary Newport, both of East Leech Turvill.
Wm Boulton, of Clapton, and Anne Harris, of Stow.
John Radway, of Amney Crucis, and Sarah Wise, of Amney Mary.
Thos Jackson and Sarah Lock, both of Windrush.
John Craddock and Elizth Collett, both of Northleach.
Anthony Merchant and Anne Camden, both of Quenington.
Christopher Barrow, of Farrington, and Mary Severy, of Leechlad.
Richd Ryland and Sarah Hall, both of this Parish.


Wm James and Elizth Greet, both of Norton.
Thoms Griffin, of Cowly, and Beata Olyffe, both (sic) of Withington.
Richd Snowsell, of Alsworth, and Elizth Merchant, of Coln St Aldwyns.
Robt Maysey and Mary Robbins, both of Little Risingdon.
Geo Guest and Mary Day, both of Windrush.
Charles Clinch and Mary Haines, both of Fairford.
Thoms Walker and Anne Lifley, both of Leechlad.
Thoms Brunsdon, of Northleach, and Elizth Harding, of Enworth.
John King and Mary Simson, both of Windrush.
Richd Harvey and Jane Welladvise, both of Sidington Peter.
Thos Large, of Alsworth, and Susan Clapn, of East Leech Turvill.
Henry Blackwell and Betty Hopkins, both of Cirencester.
Wm Hathaway and Mary Arkil, both of Sandiwell.
Edwd Knapp, of Fairford, and Mary Jaffison, of Shipton Olyffe.
Giles Robbins, of Chedworth, and Susanna Howse, of Coln Denis.
Thos Morris, of Morton in Marsh, and Hannah Wickins, of Gt Barrington.
Jas Sadler, of Cirencester, and Elizth Hancock, of Bauton.
Geo Donall and Sarah Hare, both of Lower Slaughter.
Peter Probetts and Anne Wallcraft, both of Dunington.
Benjn Beddome and Elizth Boswell, both of Borton on the Water.
Thos Baker, of Snowshill, and Betty Crips, of Hailes.
Thos Fitchew, of Northleach, and Betty King, of Down Amney.
Richd Cambray and Mary Savage, both of Great Risingdon.
John Pruce, of Lower Swell, and Mary Kimble, of Stow.
John Didcoat, of Chedworth, and Jane Morris, of Cold Aston.
Geo Betterton and Mary Shirly, both of Morton in Marsh.


Jonathan Lucket, of Brodwell, and Martha Robbins, of Blockly.
Wm Hall, of Cricklad, and Edith Howse, of Amney Peter.
Thos Green and Elizth Reeve, both of Fairford.
John Berry and Mary Collins, both of Prestbury.
Jonathan Midwinter and Elizth Wyton, both of Adlestrop.
Isaac Stephens, of Shirborn, and Mary Clack, of Burford.
Wm Rowland and Mary Edmonds, both of Cold Aston.
Wm Joachim and Ann Moos, both of Chedworth.
John Skay and Mary Williams, both of Winchcomb.
Wm Lawrence and Anne Merchant, of Cirencester.
Job Chappel, of Didmerton, and Margaret Cooper, of Little Barrington.
Thos Woodward and Sarah Wright, both of Borton on the Water.
Wm Paul, of Driffield, and Mary Iles, of Cirencester.
Richd Meechin and Elizth Beerd, both of Childs Wickam.
Wm Booker and Mary Holder, both of Elstone.
Saml Perry, of Upper Slaughter, and Sarah Bee, of Sevenhampton.
Jacob Porter and Sarah Jones, both of East Leech Turvil.
Wm Morris and Mary Herbert, both of Winchcomb.
Michael Poulton, of Cirencester, and Beata Timbrel, of Kemble.
Thos Cresser, of Lower Swell, and Martha Fox, of Borton on the Water.
Wm Trinder, of Bothorp, and Mary Newman, of the same.
Wm Rayer, of Oddington, and Jane Chambers, of Borton on the Water.
Wm Harris, of Lower Gyting, and Hannah Preston, of Naunton.
John Greenall and Elizth Claridge, both of Winchcomb.
Fletcher Eltome and Mary Hathaway, both of Chedworth.


John Webb, of North Cerney, and Sarah Boon, of Painswick.
Wm Freeman, of Naunton, and Mary Holtom, of Withington.
Robt Smith, of Broughton, and Elizth Belcher, of Lower Gyting.
John Wicks, of Little Barrington, and Frances Heming, of Black Borton.
Robert Humphris and Mary Haines, both of Northleach.
John Bryan, of Icomb, and Elizth Smith, of Little Risingdon.
Silvester Prowse, of Lower Slaughter, and Mary Draper, of Cold Aston.
John Wheatley and Betty Waight, both of Cirencester.
Edwd Freeman, of Lower Gyting, and Mary Bishop, of Whittington.
Saml Gill, of Presbury, and Hannah Morris, of Cold Ashton.
John Brindle and Penelope Lewis, both of Bibury.
John Hanks and Sarah Horseman, both of Magersbury.
Thoms Howse and Mary Clement, both of Eastinton.
Edward Stephens and Mary Matthews, both of Great Barrington.
Wm Preston and Mary Dodge, both of Gt Risingdon.
John Dyer and Mary Hausemann, both of Cold Saperton.
Joseph Harding and Anne Cary, both of Northleach.
Anthony Hale, of Kingham, and Anne Humphris, of Shirborn.
Wm Tibbals and Sarah Garner, both of Coln St Aldwyns.


Robert Collet, of Idbury, and Jane Rawlins, of Westcot.
Thos Pearce and Alice Ricketts, both of Northleach.
John Humphris, of Upper Slaughter, and Anna Collett, of Cold Aston.
Thomas Harvey and Mary Long, both of Cheltenham.
Edmund Adams and Hannah Miles, both of Farmington.
Joseph Parker, of Southorp, and Mary Jones, of East Leech Turvil.
Henry Bedwell and Anne Lankshire, both of East Leech Turvil.
Jno Greenhalf, of E. Leech Turvil, and Catharine Perrot, of Signet.
Jos Kemp, of Evesham, and Lydia Ostin, of Gt Barington.
Thomas Pitt and Elizabeth Skill, both of Collesburn.
Benjamin Newman and Anne Smith, both of Morton in Marsh.
Barnet Mason, of Eastinton, and Mary Davis, of Wick Risingdon.
Thomas Clutterbuck and Anne Cole, both of Cirencester.
Thomas Griffin and Elizabeth Hall, both of Shirborn.
Thomas Clarke and Judith Barnet, both of Eastinton.
Thomas Waters and Mary Mansell, both of Alsworth.
Richd Smith Charles, of Lower Gyting, and Penelope Eycott, of Northleach.
Henry Greening and Anne Gold, both of Stowell.
Richd Frampton, of Amney Crucis, and Mary Sindry, of Amney Mary.
John Bowly and Elizabeth Williams, both of South Cerney.
John Wilton and Joyce Stratford, both of Cirencester.
Amos Wilson, of Colehill, and Elizabeth Lay, of Great Barrington.
Samuel Horseman and Frances Maids, both of Stow.


Thomas Titmarsh, of Adlestrop, and Anne Matthews, of Upper Slaughter.
Thomas Howse and Margaret Proctor, of Lower Gyting.
John Goodman, of Hatherop, and Rebecca Hart, of Leechlad.
Saml Ball, of Cirencester, and Mary Compton, of Brockhampton.
John Toms and Mary Cox, both of Dorsington.
Francis Hewer, of Naunton, and Mary Joynes, of Farmington.
Richd Gladwin, of Borton on the Water, and Jane Taylor, of Compton.
John Hall, of Farmington, and Elizth Humphris, of Hampnet.
Daniel Robbins and Anne Figures, both of Northleach.
Henry Hastings, of Shipton, and Bridget Hooper, of Turkdean.
Wm Thornton, of Coln Denis, and Susanna Jelfs, of Northleach.
Robert Smith and Betty Beal, both of Bradwell.
Wm Winchester, of Upper Gyting, and Ann Bird, of Winchcomb.
Solomon Clinch, of Fairford, and Hannah Radborn, of Burford.
Charles Day and Ruth Taylor [both, I suppose, of Hampnett].
Christopher Uzell and Sarah Tanner, both of Southorp.
Wm Haines, of Turkdean, and Hannah Claridge, of Sherborn.
Humphry Brunsdon and Hannah Johnson, both of Cirencester.
Ferdinando Mustow and Sarah Jelfs, both of Sidington Peter.
John Large, of Windrush, and Sarah Gibbs, of Alsworth.
Thomas Golding, of Buskett, and Mary Lay, of Gt Barrington.
W m Wilson, of Shirborn, and Sarah Stait, of Brimsfield.


Thoms Tanner, clerk, and Sarah Hope, both of Quenington.
John Wickwar and Elizabeth Hope, both of Quenington.
Thoms Blackwell and Betty Harding, both of Yanworth.
John Adams, of East Leech Turvil, and Mary Blackwell, of Yanworth.
John Bonewell and Mary Newcomb, both of Dodeswell.
John Stanly, of Magersbury, and Anne Mathews, of Gt Barington.
John Bedwell, of Odstock, clerk, and Sarah Embry, of Barnsly.
Richd Baxter, of East Leech Turvil, and Sarah Freeman, of Turkdean.
Wm Kendal, of Elkiston, and Anne Coates, of Miserden.
Joseph Russel and Alice Cowly, both of Quenington.
James Pratt and Elizabeth Brassington, both of Notgrove.
Wm Brindle, of Bybury, and Hannah Moss, of Northleach.
Charles Fletcher and Eleanor Williams, both of Camden.
John Collett and Hannah Burford, both of Naunton.
John Miles and Anne Acock, both of Farmington.
Jas Arkell, of Upper Swell, and Betty Arkell, of Shipton Olyffe.
William Hooper and Anne Pitman, both of Stow.
John Haltome, of Oaksey, and Elizabeth Cherington, of Painswick.

N.B. In the long period of more than fifty years - from 1755 to 1812 not more than fifty-three marriages took place in Hampnett ; and the only one of any note was the following :-
John Morris, of Prinknash Park, Gloster, and Ruth Winter, of Hampnet, 7th Sept. 1803. The clergyman who entered this marriage, with the date in words, had in a previous entry figured 1803 as 1003.

Who was this Mr. Morris ? His name does not appear in the Rev. Wm. Bazeley's History of Prinknash Park," in the Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society (1882-3), vol. vii., pp. 267-306.