Miserden Memorial Inscriptions

Church Monumental Inscriptions 1880

The first volume of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries was published in 1881, edited by Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, M.A. The notes below are taken from this volume, and the spelling and grammar are as the original. The surnames have been put in capitals to aid identification.

In the original book the information was provided in separate alphabetical tables, split according to the location of the inscription within the church.  This information has been condensed into a single table, with the right hand column referring to the location details as noted in the original book.

This list does not cover all memorial inscriptions at Miserden Church, because it was compiled in 1880, and also because it concentrated on the inscriptions within the church. Additions to the list are most welcome.

On the south wall of the nave there is a brass plate with this inscription:-
"This church was restored by voluntary contributions, A.D. 1866. W.Y. Mills, M.A., Rector
J. Rolt, M.A., Mr.. H. Sadler, Churchwardens."

DURSTON, Revd Mr John, Rector Feb. 29, 1727 Note 1
KINGSTON, William, Esquier Dec. 12, 1614
LYON, Arthur James Wittit April 4, 1843
LYON, Juliana Lucy Sarah April 30, 1853
MILLER, Margaret May 19, 1766 Note 2
MILLER, Thomas Jan. 30, 1749 Note 2
MILER, William June 26, 1766 Note 2
MILLS, Ann May 4, 1802
MILLS, Ann Oct. 7, 1814
MILLS, Daniel, Gent [17--]
MILLS, Daniel, Gent Nov. 6, 1786
MILLS, Daniel, Esqr. Feb. 28, 1838
MILLS, Eliza  
MILLS, Esthera Dec. 25, 1775
MILLS, Revd. Giles, A.M., Rector Feb. 17, 1785
MILLS, Gulielmus 1724
MILLS, Gulielmus, Armig. 1776
MILLS, Hester Sep. 3, 1857
MILLS, Jane April 5, 1824
MILLS, John, Gent. Dec. 26, 1807
MILLS, Capt. John, M.N.I. Jan. 1833
MILLS, John, Esqr., J.P. Jan. 23, 1862
MILLS, Katharine April 23, 1833
MILLS, Maria Aug. 11, 1782
MILLS, Mary Sep. 12, 1850
MILLS, Sara 1761
MILLS, Sarah [17--]
MILLS, Susannah Aug. 24, 1785
MILLS, Susannah [Junr]. Sep.12, 1802
MILLS, William Yarnton, Esqr, J.P. Sep. 26, 1821
MILLS, Revd. William Yarnton, M.A., Rector May 22, 1870
MILLS, William Hurst Yarnton 1879
PARTRIDGE, Henry, Gent. Aug. 17, 1730 Note 1
PARTRIGE, Anthony, Gent. March 25, 1625
PARTRIGE, Henry March 1696 Note 2
PARTRIGE, Robert Jan. 1, 1645 Note 2
PARTRIGE, William April 23, 1651 Note 2
SANDYS, Revd. Sir Edwin Winsor Baynton, Knt. Dec. 21, 1838
SANDYS [nee CULPEPPER], Dame Margaret June 13, 1644 Age 64
SANDYS, Sr William, Knt. March 2, 1640 Age 77.
WARNEFORD, Tho. Jan. 9, 1717
WOLLEY, Elizabeth Jan. 16, 1619 Note 2
WOLLEY, Elizabetha 1659
WOLLEY, Rev. Gulielmus, A.M., Rector 1670
WOLLEY, Gulielmus, Junr. 1681

Original Index (no note in right hand column)
Literal copies of the eighteen inscriptions in the church (including two brass plates, two windows and a flatstone), taken in 1880; and the above is an index to the names mentioned therein, with the date of death in each case.

Note 1.
Rudder records two other flatstone inscriptions, with these names and dates.

Note 2.
Bigland records likewise these.

Note 3.
Here Lyeth the Bodie of Sr Willm SANDYS, of Musarden, in the Countie of Gloucr, Knight. He departed this Life Mar. 2, 1640, aged 77. And Dame Margaret, his Wife, Daughter and Heire of Walter CULPEPPER, in the county of Oxon, Esquire, and she departed this Life June 13, 1644, Aged 64, Haveing Issue five sons and five daughters.

Here's in this Cabanet Earth's richest Treasure,
A pair unparalell'd, and therefore Reader,
Expect not Phrases in sad Elegyes,
To clawe thy Fancy, but to thaw thine eyes.
See here that Wealth, Bloud, Honour, Power, must
Return the owners to their Mother Dust.
Vertue embalms them still, with Christ they be;
That chang'd the Rome, but not their Company.

War Memorials, Miserden.

Record taken on 26 March 1998 by John Hyde

The memorial is located opposite the church entrance gate.

Top panel

1939 - 1945

HOLDER, Alfred Samuel John DFC Royal Air Force VR
WILLS, Michael Desmond Hamilton. MC Coldstream Guards

Middle panel

To the Memory of our Glorious Dead 1914 - 1919

Bottom panel

ARKELL, Henry Gloucestershire Regiment
BUOY, Ernest Edwin Coldstream Guards
CATTANACH, John Royal North Devon Yeomanry
FRANKLIN, Leonard John Gloucestershire Regiment
GARDINER, George Gloucestershire Regiment
HAWORTH, Frederick 13th Hussars
MANN, William Gloucestershire Regiment
MANSELL, Frederick Robert Somerset Light Infantry
POTTER, Henry Gloucestershire Regiment
RENYARD, Robert Rifle Brigade
SMITH, Wilfred South Wales Borderers
SNELL, Arthur James R.G.A.
TILLARD, Philip Algernon Shropshire Yeomanry
WALKER, Thomas Gloucestershire Regiment