North Nibley.
Extracts trom the Parish Registers, 1650-1799

North Nibley, near Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England.

The first volume of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries was published in 1881, edited by Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, M.A., and is used for the information detailed below. The spelling and grammar are as the original.

1650 William Ragg, a very aged man, being by report a hundred and four, was buried Jany 22.
1655 Agnese Dansley, a poore alms maid, was buried April 17
1657 Mary, the wife of Nicholas Andrewes, of Stancombe, who barbariously cut her own throat, and deceased of the same wound, and lyeth buried in a void place a little beyond the great toumbestone, the 14 Jan.
1658 Thomas Hoskings, an old bachelor, was bur. July 5.
1662 Thomas Rediverd and Kimberah Hancock, both of this Parish, were married 19 May
  Elizabeth Tilly, an ancient mayd of this parish, was buryed 10 Decr.
1678 Silvanus and Timotheus, twin sons of Mr Moore Fortune, Clk, bapt. July 25
1694 William, son of William Wickes and Apulina, his wife, bapt. August 26
1698 John Pagler had a child born about ye 5th of February, as I am told, for he has brought me no note about his christning
1703 John Founling was so called because he was not known whose child, exposed and found in the street at the Park House, bapt. August 8
1722 Salathiel, son of Joseph Adlam, bur. March 16.
1795 Deborah, daughter of John and Syndonia Malpass, of Wick, in the Par. of Berkeley, bapt. 28 March
1799 Gratiana Millard, bur. July 2