Sapperton Church Monumental Inscriptions

Sapperton, Gloucestershire UK.

The first volume of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries was published in 1881, edited by Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, M.A. The notes below are taken from this volume, and the spelling and grammar are as the original.

This list does not cover all memorial inscriptions at the Church, because it was compiled before the end of the 19th century, and also because it concentrates on inscriptions within the church. Additions or corrections are most welcome.

In the church there are seventeen inscriptions (including two brass plates, a window, and four flatstones), of which literal copies have been taken (1880) ; and the following is an index to the names mentioned therein, with the date of death in each case :

1716. Dec. 2. Atkyns [nee Carteret], Lovise, Lady.
1711. Nov. 29. Atkyns, Sr Robert, Knight. note1
1767. Aug. 21. Bathurst, Hon. and Rev. Allen, Rector.
1777. May 8. Bathurst, Hon. John.
1685. Aug. 21. Greenwood, Elizabeth.
1695-6. Jan. 5. Greenwood, Revd Iosiah, Rector.
1716. July 5. Grimes, John, Gent.
1719-20. Jan. 25. Hall, William.
1584. Aug. . Moring, Nicholas, Gentelman. note2
No date. Phillipps [nee Thache], Mrs Rachel.
No date. Poole [nee Wroughton], Anne, Lady.
1590. Poole, Sir Devervx, Knight.
1616. Poole, Sir Henry, Knight.
1865. Feb. 11. Pye, Katharine.
1868. Nov. 10. Pye, Lieut William Henry.
1683. Dec. 29. Rogers, Rev. Ambrosius, A.M., Rector.
1623. June 21. Rogers, Edward, Esqr.
1715. April 15. Thache, Mary.
1748(?) Feb. 21. Waller, Richard.
1803. July 3. Yarnton, John, Esqr.
1809. Nov. 13. Yarnton [nee Mills], Sarah.

Bigland gives likewise some flatstone inscriptions, with these names and dates :-

1636. Dec. 10. Crumpe, Nath.
1660. April 26. Hall, Alice.
1616. Dec. 10. Humber, Henry.
1696. Sept. 21. Nelrne, Richard, Gent.
[No date.] Thache, Abigail.
1705. Sept. 12. Thache, RacheL
1668. April 22. Thache, Revd Thomas, Rector.
1644. Wentworth, Major-General Henry.

It is gratifying to bear testimony to the strict accuracy with which Rudder has recorded the long inscriptions on the monuments of Sir Henry Poole and Sir Robert Atkyns.

Note 1. " He was interred in the parish church of Sapperton, where a noble monumeut was erected to his memory by Louisa Lady Atkyns, his widow ; and a good many years after a neat monument was erected in Westminster Abbey, nearly opposite Shakspeare's, to the memory of Sir Robert Atkyns, senior, his brother Sir Edward Atkyns, and Sir Robert Atkyns, junr."
- Chalmers's General Biographical Dictionary, vol. iii., p. 103.

Note 2. This inscription, which is on the north wall of the chancel, has been described as "very fairly legible in 1871 ;" but it can scarcely be said to be so at present.