Extracts From Parish Registers, Syston

Syston (or Siston) is approximately 7 miles east of Bristol, UK.

Transcript taken from :Gloucestershire Notes and Queries., Vol. III, 1887.
Edited by REV. BEAVER H. BLACKER, M. A. Published in 1887. London, England.
The data and notes below are taken from this volume, and the spelling and grammar are as the original.


1583. June 27. Margaret Sen John [St. John], d. of Oliver Senjohn, Esqr.
1587. Aug. 24. Cecilie, d. of Morrys Hill, Gent.
1598. Aug. 6. Isabell, d. of Arthur Kemisse [Kemys], Gent.
1599. Dec. 3. Arthur, s. of same.
1602. Aug. 5. Grace, d. of John Horsey, Gent.
1603. Oct. 30. Mary, d. of same.
1608. April 3. John, s. of Rafe Peacock, the younger, and Katherine, his wife.
1610. Feb. 17. Heline, d. of same.
1613. Dec. 26. Anne, d. of same.
1626. July 14. Richard, s, of Henry Billingsley, Esqr [lord of the manor], and Sarah, his wife.
1627. Oct. Robert, s. of same.
1628. Mar. 14. Matthew, s. of same.
1630. Mar. 15. John, s. of same.
1631. Feb. 23. Thomas, son of same.
1661. Feb. 13. Rosina, d. of Mr Walter Chester.
1662. Dec. 9. Thomas, s. of Richard Gregson, Gent.
1663. Jan. 1. Ann, d. of John Symes.
1692. Feb. 23. Elizabeth, d. of Mr John and Mary Meredith [? of The Lodge].
1696. June 4. Amy, d. of same.
1701-2. Mar. 19. Philippe, d. of same.
1702. Aug. 19. John, s. of John Holland, Esqr, and Mrs Dorothy, his wife. He was buried May 9, 1703.


1590. Aug. 27. Henry Weston, Gent., and Elizabeth Inyon.
1591. May 20. Edward Bosden, Gent., and Susan Pollington, Widow.
1600. May 29. Mr Ralph Peacock and Katherine Clement.
1629. June 2. John Peacocke and Ann Jeffry.
1637. Feb. William Peacocke and Katherine Tucker.
  [A blank in the register for several years.]
1654. Consent of Matrimony published between Samuel Cuffe, of Savernack Park, in Wootten Bibery, Wilts, Gent., and Mrs Mabell Strange, of Siston, Widow.
1662. Dec. 2. Stephen Rosewell and Elizabeth Flower.
1665. June 4. Thomas Prewett and Ann Flower.
1667. Mar. 24. Thomas Prewett and Barbara Codrington.
1668. Aug. 11. Thos Hall, Gent,, and Hester Tyler.
1673. May 19. Richard Tibbett and Ann Flower.
1674, Dec. 8. Sir Edward Acton, [3rd] Bart., and Mrs Mary Walter [" an heiress," d. of John Walter, of Elberton].
1676. May 18. Edward Dover and Mary Flower.
------ May 23. Mr Godfrey Vansteane and Mrs Abigail Braine.
1676. Mr Robert Wadman and Mrs Hannah Trotman [d. of Samuel Trotman, Esq., b. April 19, 1652].
1689. Aug. 29. Richard Holford, Esq., and Mrs Susanna Trotman [b. Jan. 17, 1655].
1693. May 4. Edward Parker, Vicar of Bitton [1691-1714], and Mary Tyler, Widow.
1696. Nov. 4. Mr Richard Griffin and Mrs Sarah Wickham.


1586. Feb. 15. James, s. of Anthony Dole, Gent,
1590. Oct. 2. Jane, wife of Edward Bosden, Gent.
-------  Oct. 12. Elizabeth, wife of Anthony Weston, Gent.
1592. Feb. 23. Walter Bosden, Gent.
1605. Feb. 25. Dorithie [nee Veale], wife of Arthur Player, Gent.
1609. Feb. 27. Ralph Peacock, the Elder.
1610. April 5. Arthur Player, Gent.
1612. Last of Feby. Thomas Grubham, borne near Bridgwater.
1613. Jan. 29. Elizabeth, wife of Walter Strange, Gent, [? of Mound's Court].
1621. Dec. 2. A daughter of Henry Billingsley, Esqr, and Sarah, his wife.
1634. Feb. 20. Anne Peacocke.
----- Feb. 24. Matthew Billingsley, Gent.
1656. July 17. Mrs Mary Strange.
1663. April 27. Mr Robert Ducy.
-----   May 8. Grace, wife of Mr Richard Gregson.
-----   Dec. 31. Ann, wife of John Symes.
-----   Feb. 4. John, s. of Capt. John Gorden.
1666. Dec. 4. Ann, wife of Thomas Prewett, the dr of Richard Flower, Rector of Syston.
1687. Richard Flower, A.M., Rector, succeeded by Jonathan Luffingham.
1688. Dec. 20. Mrs Ann Ducy, in the Chancel.
1692. Mar. 27. Buried in the Church, Mrs Elizabeth Rosewell.
----- Nov. 5. Elizabeth, wife of Mr Nathaniel Bull.
1694. Jan. 20. Margaret Prewett, Widow.
1704. April 16. Mrs Joan Luffingham.
1724. Jan. 31. Jonathan Luffingham, Rector [1687-1724].


Sir Richard Holford, Knt., Master in Chancery, m. 1st, Sarah, dau. of John Crew, Esq., of Westonbirt ; 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Stayner ; and 3rdly (as above), Susanna, dau. of Samuel Trotman, Esq.

Atkyns mentions an inscription in the church "for Dorothy, the wife of Mr. Arthur Pleyer, and for two children," but he does not give it. The inscription is in the chancel, as stated by Bigland, and is as follows : " Hic jacet corpus Dorotheae Player, uxoris Arthuri Player, filiae Gulielmi Veale, quae obijt 24 die mensis Februarij, Ao. Dom. 1605."

"The Stranges were an ancient family of this place; they resided at a farm called Mound s Court, where queen Katherine, dowager of king Henry the Eighth, was entertained for seven or eight days." ATKYNS.