Woodchester Memorial Inscriptions

The first volume of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries was published in 1881, edited by Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, M.A. The notes below are taken from this volume, and the spelling and grammar are as the original. The surnames have been put in capitals to aid identification.

In the original book the information was provided either in separate alphabetical tables, split according to the location of the inscription within the church, or in the form of transcripts of the original inscription.  This information has been condensed into a single table, with the right hand column referring to the location details as noted in the original book.

The original list did not cover all memorial inscriptions, because it was compiled in 1879, and concentrated on the inscriptions within the church. I am therefore grateful to Ian Foster for some additional information relating to ADAMS, MUNDAY, RISBEY and WILLIAMS. Additions to the list, even single inscriptions, are most welcome.

ADAMS, Rupert Sept. 13, 1915 31    Note 4
BRIDGES, Robert, Esqr. March 6, 1722       Note 5
BROWNE, Edmund, Esq. Aug. 30, 1754 36    Note 1
BROWNING [nee BRIDGES], Elizabeth Dec. 4, 1733       Note 5
CHOLMELEY [nee WAY], Georgiana Millicent May 5, 1855
CHOLMELEY, Henry Daniel, Esq. June 1, 1865
DEANE [nee VEALS], Sarah Sep. 28, 1797       Note 1
DUNN, Thomas Plummer, Gent Nov. 22, 1867
HARRISON [nee PAVEY], Mary Aug. 29, 1805
HICKS [nee BRIDGES], Jane [No date]       Note 5
HICKS, Richard [No dates]       Note 5
KING, Eleonara Jan. 31 1728
KING, Rev. Johannes, A.M., Rector July 4, 1723
MERRICK [nee ???], Anna Oct. 29, 1754 64    Note 1
MUNDAY Mary Feb 19th, 1902          Note 4
PAUL [nee SELF], Anna Sep. 7, 1745 41    Note 1
PAUL [nee FREEMAN], Catherine, Lady [Oct.] 20, 1766 56    Note 1
PAUL [nee ???] Charlotte Dec. 3, 1838         Note 2
PAUL, Dean, Gent. Nov. 17, 1761 57    Note 1
PAUL [nee DEAN], Elizabeth Aug. 11, 1739 54    Note 1
PAUL [nee ANDREWS], Elizabeth Aug. 4, 1741 37   Note 1
PAUL, Francis June 26, 1753 8 mth Note 1
PAUL, Sir Geo. Onesiphorus, Baronet Dec 16, 1820 74    Note 1
PAUL [nee ???], Jane May 26, 1748 41   Note 1
PAUL [nee HAMPTON], Margaret March 11, 1764 59   Note 1
PAUL, Sir Onesiphorus Sep. 21, 1774 [68] Note 1
PAUL, Robert, Esqr, Com. R.N. Jan. 1805 27   Note 2
PAUL, Robert Snow, Esqr. Feb. 27, 1849 81   Note 2
PAUL, Susanna May 18, 1767 43   Note 1
PAVEY [nee SMITH], Mary Aug. 23, 1764
PEACH [nee PAUL], Deborah May 16, 1765 58   Note 2
PEACH, Edward July 5, 1770
PEACH [nee GODMAN], Elizabeth July 5, 1809
PEACH, John Sept. 20, 1774
PEACH, Margaret Oct. 18, 1741
PEACH, Nathaniel Aug. 19, 1719
PEACH, Nathaniel, Esqr. Dec. 25, 1780 68    Note 2
PEACH, Nathaniel, Esqr. May 2, 1788
PEACH, William Gaisford, Esqr. April14, 1785
RISBEY Elizabeth Harriet Feb 13, 1918 82   Note 4
RISBEY Ephraim Feb 9, 1926 90   Note 4
SMITH, James, Gent. Feb. 7, 1757
SMITH, Mary Sept. 23, 1762
SNOW [nee PAUL], Elizabeth Jan. 7, 1772 24    Note 1
SNOW, Valentina Elizabeth [No date] Infant Note 1
WATHEN, Anne Maria Dighton Oct. 3, 1813
WATHEN, Elizabeth Cooper July 20, 1808
WATHEN [nee CARUTHERS], Mary April 9, 1817
WATHEN, Nathaniel Peach, Esqr. Dec. 18, 1846
WILLIAMS, Revd Basil, B.D. Jan. 5, 1862
WILLIAMS Edith Annie May 22, 1968 76    Note 4
WILLIAMS [nee ????], Elizabeth Jan. 18, 1870 83    Note 3
WILLIAMS George A. Mar 3, 1903 60    Note 4
WILLIAMS George Day Dec 8, 1886 74    Note 4
WILLIAMS Herbert Dec 8, 1941 56    Note 4
WILLIAMS, Revd John, D.D. Rector [June 30, 1857] 78    Note 3
WOOLLWRIGHT, John, and three daughters [No dates]

Original Index (no note in right hand column)
Literal copies of the sixteen  inscriptions {including four brasses under windows) in the church (1879); and the above is an index to the names mentioned therein, with the date of death in each case. With the exception of Mr. Dunn's monument, all here referred to, were removed from the old to the new church.

Note 1.
The PAUL Family. It is well to place on record, with some others, the following inscriptions on eight large tombs in the old churchyard of Woodchester, copied in 1879.

1. Elizabeth, the relict of Nicholas PAUL, of this parish, Clothier, and daughter of Thomas DEAN [also of this parish], died August ye 11th, 1739, aged 54 years.
Francis, the son of Onesiphorus and Catharine PAUL, died June ye 26th, 1753, aged 8 months.
Jane, the wife of Onesiphorus PAUL. died May the 26th, 1748, aged 41 years.

2. In memory of Dean PAUL, Gent. He died Novr. 17th, 1761, aged 57 yrs. Also of Elizabeth, his wife and daughter of John ANDREW, of Stonehouse [in this County], Gent. She died August 4th, 1741, aged 37 yrs. And also of Anna, his second wife, and daughter of John SELF, of Cirencester, Gent. She died September 7th, aged 41 yrs.
In memory of Margaret PAUL, third wife of Dean PAUL, Gent., and daughter of Philip HAMPTON, Gent., of the parish of Westbury, in the County of Glocester. She died March 11th, 1764, aged 59 years.

3. To the memory of Catherine Lady PAUL, second wife of Sr. Onesiphorus PAUL, Bart., eldest daughter of Francis FREEMAN, of Norton Malereward, in the county of Somerset, Esq. She departed this life ye 20th day [of Octr], 1766, in ye 56 year of her age. Sr. Onesiphorus PAUL died Sepr 21st, 1774, aged [68 years], and lies buried near this [place].

4. Susanna PAUL, daughter of George PAUL, L.L.D. Obit. 18th May, 1767, aetatis suae 43.
Here lies the remains of Elizabeth SNOW, wife of George SNOW, Esqr., of this parish [and of Langton, Dorsetshire], and daughter to Onesiphorus PAUL, of Hill House. She died the 7th of Janry, 1772, aged 24 years. Valentina Elizabeth, her daughter, died an infant and is buried near her.

5. In memory of Sir Geo. Onesiphorus PAUL, Baronet, who died the 16th day of December, MDCCCXX, in the 75th year of his age.

(Also within the same enclosure)

6. Here resteth the body of Sarah, the daughter of Thomas VEALS, and wife of Thomas DEANE, Clothier, who deceased the 28th of September 1707.

7. In memory of Edmund BROWNE, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., aon of Edmund BROWNE, Esq., Counsellor-at-Law, late of the parish of Rodborough, who died August ye 30th, 1754, in the 36th year of his age.

8. Anna, the relict of William MERRICK, Esq., of Weston, in the County of Hereford, died the 29th of October, 1754, aged 64.

The Date of Death of Sir George Onesiphurus PAUL is sometimes incorrectly recorded. The following note appeared in Gloucestershire Notes and Queries.

In the nave of Gloucester Cathedral there is a fine bust by SIEVIER, with this inscription under it:-

To the memory of Sir George Onesiphorus PAUL, Baronet, who died Jany 16th, 1820, aged 74 years ; a man endeared to his friends by many virtues, both public and private, but who claims this mark of local respect by having first reduced to practise the principles which have immortalized the memory of Howard ; for to the object of this memorial it is to be ascribed that this county has become the example and model of the best system of criminal discipline, in which provident regulation has banished the use of fetters, and health has been substituted for contagion; thus happlily reconciling humanity with punishment, and the prevention of crime with individual reform.

In the parish register of Woodchester, under the year 1820, the entry of his burial is as follows :- Sir G.O. PAUL, Rodborough, Decr 23rd ; and the date in this inscription undoubtedly is wrong. The mistake has been repeated in in Stratford's Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire (1867), p. 457, Hand-Book for Visitors to the City and Neighbourhood of Gloucester (about 1862), p. 29, and other publications. The date of death, December 16th, 1820, is correctly given in the inscription (as above) on the tombstone in Woodchester Churchyard.

Note 2.
In the new parish church of Woodchester, on tablets transferred from the old building, these inscriptions (copied in 1879) appear :-

9. In memory of Robert PAUL, Esqr, Commander of his Majesties sloop Pheasant, who died whilst cruizing off Trinidad, Janry, 1805, in the 27th year of his age, and was buried at Grenada. His public conduct repeatedly procured for him the admiration and the thanks of his country, and his private virtues alike endeared him to his friends.

"Not feigned the sorrow, nor suborned the tear,
That pays due tribute to this early bier.
Each sailor wept, and each with misty eye
For his loved captain heaved a parting sigh.
So mourned his friends, too proud, alas! to claim
A kindred interest in his rising fame.
For his firm breast the ocean had its charms,
the war of elements, the shock of arms.
And tho' no stone may mark his distant grave
On shores where rolls the transatlantic wave,
Here in this vale shall memory speak his praise,
And fond affection here this tablet raise".

10. In remembrance of Charlotte, wife of Robert Snow PAUL, Esq., of the Hill House, Rodborough, who died at an advanced age, December the 3rd, 1838. Also of the above named Robert Snow PAUL, Esquire, who died on the 27th of February, 1849, in the 81st year of his age.

11. .......... Also Deborah, wife of Nathaniel PEACH, son of the said Nathaniel and Margaret PEACH, and sister of Samuel PAUL, of Rodborough, Esq. She died May the 16th, 1765, aged 58. Also Nathaniel PEACH, Esqr., third son of the said Nathaniel and Margaret PEACH, and husband to the said Deborah. He died the 25th of Decr., 1780, aged 68.

Note 3. Dr. WILLIAMS. Footnote to Woodchester Memorial Inscriptions in Gloucestershire Notes and Queries.

Many highly interesting particulars of Dr. WILLIAMS may be found in Fishers Stroud, pp.281-289; and in the churchyard of Stroud there is a monument over his family vault with this inscription :-

An affectionate memorial of nine children of the Rev. John WILLIAMS, D.D., and Elizabeth his wife. John, died Feb. 2nd, 1815, aged 2 years, 8 mons. Emily, May 9th, 1822, 1yr 2 mons. Mary Anne, July 22nd, 1829, 18yrs 11 mons. Fanny, Oct. 25th 1834, 2yrs 10 mons. John (2nd), Jan. 31st 1838, 22yrs 4 mons, Student of Guy's Hospital, London. Hester Kezia, Feb. 2nd 1838, 23yrs 10 mons. Eliza Cooke, wife of Rev. J.W. HATHERELL, D.D., died at Malta, Jan 14th 1842, aged 33 yrs 8 mons. Herbert, died Sept. 22nd 1843, aged 20 yrs. Alfred, June 21st 1845, aged 20 yrs.
Sacred to the memory of Christiana, wife of Samuel Warren PUDDICOMBE, Esq., and daughter of John & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, of Woodchester in this county. She died at Redwall, Worcestershire, June 21st 1856, aged 37 years.
Sacred to the memory of the Rev. John WILLIAMS, D.D., 28 years Curate of this parish, and afterwards 24 years Rector of Woodchester, in this county. He died June 30th 1857, aged 78 years. His wife Elizabeth, in the 83 year of her age, on January 18th, 1870, entered into rest, is laid beside him.

Note 4. The following inscriptions have been provided by Ian FOSTER. For further information on the families mentioned please contact him by email ijfoster@us.ibm.com

I recently (2000)  visited the village of Woodchester in Gloucestershire in search of my ancestral roots. I was able to find several gravestones in the local parish church of St Mary's (C of E) and thought you may like them for your MI index. They are as follows:

WILLIAMS George Day - Dec 8, 1886 (aged 74 years)
RISBEY Elizabeth Harriett - Feb 13, 1918 (aged 82 years, daughter of George Day WILLIAMS and wife of Ephraim RISBY)
RISBEY Ephraim - Feb 9, 1926 (aged 90)

WILLIAMS George A. - Mar 3, 1903 (aged 60)
MUNDAY Mary - Feb 19th, 1902 (widow of the late S.MUNDAY, of Newport Mon.)

ADAMS Ruper - Sept 13 1915 (aged 31 years)
WILLIAMS Herbert - Dec 8, 1941 (aged 56 years)
WILLIAMS Edit Annie - May 22, 1968 (aged 76 years)

Note 5. The following information has been provided by Peter Bruges

I have some difficulty about the entry relating to Jane Hicks nee Bridges. Should this be Jane Bridges nee Hicks? I have recorded this monumental inscription:

Near to this place is deposited all that is mortal of
Robert Bridges Esq.
Who departed this life the 6th Day of March 1722 Aged 72
In Memory of whom this Monument was erected and of
His Brother in law Mr Richard Hicks and Jane his wife sister of the said Mr Bridges who lies in the chancel of this church.
Also near this place lies the body of Mrs Elizabeth Browning, sister of the said Robert Bridges who departed this life December the 4th 1733.

This appears to me to be correct and agrees the pedigree that I hold. As you will know Robert Bridges Esq was the son of Humphrey Bridges of Woodchester and Jane Thurston and grandson of Robert Bridges (d.1648) of Woodchester and Elizabeth the daughter of Humphrey Bridges (d.1598) of Cirencester and Elizabeth (d.1620). Roberts great grandparents were John Bridges (d.1607) of Winterborne, Gloucestershire and Anne the daughter of Edmund Crewe and Edith Player. John Bridges (d.1607) was the son of John Bridges of Nend, Kingswood (d.1597) by his wife Margaret.