Coberley War Memorial & Memorial Inscriptions

Coberley is sometimes recorded as Cubberley

War Memorial

Record taken in August 1998 by John Hyde

The Memorial is located inside the church, on wall, hand written in ink.

Coberley Roll of Honour 1914 - 1919

Private A. ASHBY Private W.H. PARSONS
Private C.H. BULLOCK Private G. PEARCE
Private W. CHANDLER Private J. PEARCE
Corporal C. COATES Private A. RANDALL
Driver H. COATES Private T.A. REEVES
Private R. CRIPPS Private A. SMITH
Major A.D. FREELAND Private G. SMITH
Private F. HAZELL Gunner W. SMITH
Sergeant S.M. HOLMES Private W.J.W. SMITH
Sergeant J. LEACH Driver W.E. SPENCER
Private B. LUDLOW Private R.C. STALLARD
Private G. LUDLOW 2nd Air Mechanic T. THOMPSON
Private J. LUDLOW Private C. WAINE
Private R. MABBETT Private H.J. WASLEY
Private S.B. MABBETT Private G. WEAVING
Private A.R.C.B. WILLIS

Monumental Inscriptions

NOTE. The original was produced in 1878 and this listing is therefore incomplete.

BROWNE, John. Rector Leckhampton & Witcombe Oct. 6, 1737 Bigland
HICKS, Amelia Maria Feb. 22, 1830
HICKS, Revd. William, A.M., Rector March 12, 1866
JONES, Lewis, Rector July 29, 1651 105 Bigland
KNOLLIS, Catherine Aug. 15, 1869 Churchyard
OGILVIE, Mary Anne Gurnell Oct. 2, 1875 Churchyard
POPE, Luce,[nee DUTTON], Countisse of Downe Apr. 6, 1656 Bigland
ROWDEN, Robert. Rector Oct. 17, 1712 97 Bigland
TROTMAN, Avery June 22, 1865 Churchyard

Transcribed from Volume 1 of Gloucestershire Notes & Queries, Edited by the Rev. Beaver H. Blacker and published in 1881. The entry in Gloucestershire Notes & Queries was itself copied from a listing in The Genealogist Vol iii, P144, November 1878.