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Guiting Power War Memorial is a traditional Cotswold village stone cross on the village green in the centre of the village. It has 3 metal, possibly brass, plaques.

In grateful memory of the men of this parish who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918

Cope A.H. Smith A.
Corkett J. Sheppard G.
East F. Stephens O.
East R.T. Topp H.
Howe W.C Wheeler W.
Hunt W.J. Wheeler G.
Lake L.G. Beard A.V.
Monk T.J. Green W.F.
Palmer A.  
Hamblett C.  

South African War

Additionally inside St. Michael and All Angels in Guiting Power is a large brass plaque to a previous war.

This memorial is erected in honour of the Lower Guiting men who gave their lives for their country in the South African War.

Sergeant Thomas Reginald Walker, Army Medical Corps at Pretoria Dec 18th 1900

Private William Thomas Carpenter, 2nd Batt. Dorset Reg. at Almonds Nek June 11th 1900

Roll of Honour

The following Roll of Honour covers the parish of Guiting Power (at the time of the Great War referred to as Lower Guiting) which in addition to Guiting Power includes Farmcote, Barton and Roel.
The listing was taken from an elaborate wood framed, glass fronted parchment Roll of Honour in St. Faiths Farmcote.
The Roll of Honour in St. Michael and All Angels, Guiting Power contains the same names, with minor discrepancies which are shown.

These men made the extreme sacrifice

Cope, Albert Henry
Corkett, Joe
East, Walter R.J.
   [initials R.T. on Guiting Power RoH]
Howe, Walter Charles
Hunt, Walter James
Lake, Leonard George
Monk, Thomas John
Palmer, Amos
Smith, Alfred  N.Z.
Sheppard, George J. 
 [initial T on Guiting Power RoH]
Stephens, Oliver J.
Topp, Harold
Wheeler, William E.
Wheeler, George Fredrick

Died on Home Service

Beard, Albert V.
Green, Walter F.
Hamblett, Cyril J.B.

Returned from the war

Arkell, Stanley
Arkell, Percy
   “A Force”  [note 1]
Archer, Walter
Arundell, Charles Evan
Barnes, Fredrick
Bartlett, William George
Beard, Frederick John
Birt, Frank
  [Surname Bert on Guiting Power RoH]
Chamberland, Thomas Edward  [Surname Chamberlain on Guiting Power RoH]
Cook, Frank
Cook, George
Cook, John Robert
Cook, Leigh
Corkett, Thomas Leonard
East, Fredric
k N.C.  [note 2]
East, William Henry  “C Force” [note 1]
Ferriman, Thomas
Finch, Albert
Gibbs, William R.
Green, Albert E.
   [Given name Alfred on Guiting Power RoH]
Habgood, Headley William  [Given name spelt Hedley on Guiting Power RoH]
Hall, William
Holloway, Frank
Hopkins, Henry
Howe, Ernest Henry
Hughes, D.V. 
Royal Navy  [Initials A.V. on Guiting Power RoH]
Hughes, W.E.  Royal Marines
Hughes, F.J.  Royal Navy  [Initials F.T. on Guiting Power RoH]
Hunt, Hubert Joshua
James, Cuthbert F.T.
Nash, William
Meadows, Thomas Owen
Monk, William D.
[Initial A. on Guiting Power RoH]
Monk, George Henry
Powell, Fredrick
Puddle, Albert 
“C Force” [note 1]
Smith, Harry T.  [Initial J. on Guiting Power RoH]
Smith, Henry
Smith, R. Frank
  [Not on Guiting Power RoH]
Smith, Charles
Smith, Edward
Smith, Thomas
Stephens, William
Swallow, William Edward
Swallow, John Thomas
Topp, Victor
Turner, Fredrick John
Vernon, Harry William
Vernon, George
  “A Force” [note 1]
Walker, William Frank
Walker, Charles William
Walker, William Edwin
  “C Force” [note 1]
West, William
Williams, Ivor H.J.
  [Initials H.T. on Guiting Power RoH]
Wood, Charles Henry
Woodger, Thomas
Worvell, George Edward
Worvell, Frank D.

On home service

Bowles, Fredrick W.
Carter, Walter
Denley, George T.
Haslum, Archibald
Haslum, Conway
Hunt, Leonard Thomas
Hunt, George
James, Frank
Nash, William
Swallow, William (senior)
Worvell, Robert (senior)
Worvell, Fredrick Roberts


[1] “A Force” is expanded to “Aust Force” on Guiting RoH, so A Force probably means Australian forces, therefore C Force is probably Canadian Forces.
[2] The war memorial shows a F. East as having died in the war, as not listed among the dead on the RoH it is probable that this Fredrick East died of his injuries between the time of the RoH being written and the war memorial being built.

Listing courtesy of Evan Lewis

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