Longborough War Memorial

The memorial is a stone cross on the green in the centre of Longborough, Gloucestershire, UK.

To the glory of God and in memory
of those who gave their lives 1914 - 1918

Tom Akerman Fred Akerman
William Arthurs John Castle
Fred Castle George Castle
Arthur Clarke Ernest Dicks
Charles B. Dolphin Ernest Gilllett
Thomas Hamblett Wilfred Hamblett
Charles Hudson Oliver F. Hathaway
Charles King Oswald Oliver
John A. Partington Fred Partington
Algermon P. Pethrick Harry Rumbold
Henry Rumbold Alfred Spragg
William E. Taylor Sidney Taylor
James Walker  

We died that England might live
Do thou live that England may not die.

1939 - 1945

Oliver Castle
Thomas W. Catchpole
Kenneth A. Miles

In St.James' church Longborough there is a small plain Roll of Honour that lists those from Longborough and Sezincote who died and served in the Great War. In addition to those commemorated on the war memorial (and J. Simmonds), it lists about 85 names that served and returned.


1. On the Roll of Honour "E.Dix" is listed vice "E.Dicks"
2. The RoH contains an extra name "J. Simmonds" as having been killed.
3. As the RoH specifically mentions the adjoining small hamlet of Sezincote it is possible some of the dead on the war memorial might have also come from there.

Listing provided by Evan Lewis August 2013