Uley Registers

Transcript taken from :Gloucestershire Notes and Queries. Vol. V. 1891-1893.
Edited by W.P.W. PHILLIMORE, M.A., B.C.L.
Published in 1894. London, England.  Printer John White, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Transcribed by Brenda Pickard (Starweaver)

The Parish Registers.-The earliest register book at Uley begins in the year 1668. A list of the bishop's transcripts for Uley has already been given in Vol. III., p. 651. The books are fairly kept, although in a few places the entries are rather irregular. The following extracts comprise all the entries relating to the principal Uley families of Bassett, Holbrow, Morse, Bayley, Poyntz, Austen alias Carver, Small, Gyde, and Rudder, besides those relating to the families of the various rectors, with a few other items of general interest. Those concerning Dorney have already been printed in Vol. III., p. 440. The title-page is as follows:-

The Register of & belonging
to the Parish of Uley, in the
Diocess of Glocest.,concer.
Marriages, Christ '& Bur'
celebrat. there since ye
18th of Nouembr.,
Anno Domj
William de Coll: B: M: Mag:
Heart, Rect'. Uley Ar: M. Quond: D: So:

James, ye sonn of Thomas Dancy, Christd. Novemb. 19th, 1668.

William, ye sonn of John Witchell, Chr. Decer. 5.

Henry, ye sonn of Nicholas Hurcomb, Chr. Decr. 6.

Mary, ye daughtr. of William Bassett, Esq., Chr. Febr. 3rd.

William, ye sonn of Thomas Baggland, Chr. Dec. 6.

William, ye sonn of Joseph Parsloe, Chr. Feb. 7.

Katherine, ye daughter of Mr. Edward Dorney, Chr. Feb. 14.

Thomas, ye sonn of Thomas Hancoke, Chr. Feb. 28.

Hester, ye daughter of William Adye, bur. March 2j.

Incipt Anno Do. 1669. William Heart, Rector
Regist. de Uley.

The above comprises all the entries from Nov. 18, 1668, to March 21, 1669.

Samuel, s. of Samuel Went....C Dec. 2, 1669.

Robert Webb....B Aug. 9, 1670.

Edward Morse, Attorney at Law....M Jan. 3, 1670-1....Hanna Ford

William Alliffe, ye sonn of William Heart, Rector of Uley, and of Agnes his wife....C Jan. 16, 1670-1....B Jan. 19, 1670-1.

John, s. of John Maach Philemore....B June 23, 1671.

Nicholas, s. of Edward Morse....C Nov. 11, 1671.

Edward Wiggins, Taylor....B Feb. 30, 1671-2.

Martha Pointes, gentlew., d. of Thomas Pointes....B May 3, 1672.

Edward, s. of Edward Dorney, gent....C May 4, 1672.

Dionisia, d. of William Basset, Esq....C May 29, 1672.

John, s. of James Lord....C Jan. 4, 1672-3.

John, s. of Samuel Went....C Jan. 3, 1672-3.

John-Alliffe, s. of William Heart, Rector of Uley, and Aggnes his wife....C July 30, 1673.

Thomas, s. of Thomas Parsloe....C Oct. 20, 1673.

William Harper, widower....B Mar. 14, 1673-4.

Matthew Pointzs, gentl....B Apr. 25, 1674.

Thomas Bayley....B May 12, 1674.

Nicholas Webb....M Nov.-, 1674....Elizabeth Browninge.

William Manninge, father of Samuel Manninge....B Jan. 12, 1674-5.

Joanne Lews, single woman....B Feb. 14, 1674-5.

A...., d. of William Basset, Esq....B Nov. 19, 1675.

Alis, ye wife of Richard French, was burd. in ye church-yrd. of Uley, bye consent of Minister and Churchwards....B Jan. 1, 1675-6.

James, s. of John Maack Philemore....B 8 May, 1675.

Henry Bayly....M 24 June, 1675....Elizabeth Fordes.

Thomas Bayly....M 12 Aug., 1676....Katherine Maack-Philemore.

William, s. of Henry Bayley....C 19 Mar., 1676-7.

John, s. of Thomas Bayley....C? 27 Aug., 1677.

Elizabeth, d. of Mr. Giles Austen, alias Carver....C 13 July, 1678.

James Knight, of Uley....M 25 Dec., 1679....Sarah Kedwell, of the parish of Woolepune (?Owlpen)

Mary, d. of Henry Bayly....C 26 Oct., 1681.

John Ruther, a weaver....M 26 Dec., 1681....Sarah Robins....both of Uley.

George, s. of Richard Eugly....C 6 Jan., 1681-2.

Margaret Tony, widdow and almswoman....B 3 Feb., 1681-2.

Ann, d. of Giles Austen, alias Carver, Generos....C 25 Mar., 1682.

William, s. of George Small, gen. and clothier....C 13 July, 1682.

Isabella, d. of John Ruther....C 13 Oct., 1682.

William, s. of George Small, generos and clothier....B 8 Mar., 1682-3.

Joseph Parsloe, ye sheaphard....B 21 Mar., 1683.

Katherine, w. of Thomas Bayly....B 12 May, 1683.

John, s. of Timothy Gide, ye clothier....C 5 June, 1683.

Daniell, s. of George Small, gentl. and clothier....C 23 July, 1683.

Mary, wife of Mr. William Holbrow....B 14 Sept., 1683.

Elizabeth, wife of John and Sarah Ruther....C 10 Sept., 1684.

Allis, w. of Edward Evans, Practitioner in ye faculty of Chyrurgery....B 10 June, 1685.

Richard French, Practitioner of ye art of Mus....B 28 June, 1685.

John, s. of George Small, gent, and Elianor, his w....C 25 Dec., 1685.

Sarah, d. of William and Sarah Holborow....C 22 May, 1686.

Thomas, s. of John Purnell, and Mary, his w....B 30 July, 1692.

John Purnell, Clothworker....B 10 May, 1693.

Ann, d. of Anthony Holbrow [....?]....C 16 Feb., 1694-5.

Thomas, s. of Thomas Gyde, and Hester, his w....C 15 May, 1695.

William Jacob, of Minchinhampton....M 15 Aug., 1695....Mary Holbrow, of Kingscote.

Richard Workman, of North Nibly....M 24 Nov., 1695....Elizabeth Bludord, of Uly.

Daniel, s. of John Rutter....C 22 Dec., 1695.

William, s. of John and Alis Pernall....B 30 Nov., 1695.

Mr. Joseph Poyns....B 7 Apr., 1696.

Sarah, wife of John Rutter....B 6 May, 1696.

Sarah, dafter of Timothy and Hester Gyde....C 13 May, 1696.

William Smith bayly....B 5 Nov., 1696.

Ann, d. of Anthony and Elizabeth Holbrow....B 7 Sept., 1697.

Ann, d. of Anthony Holborough, and Elizabeth, his w....C 17 Feb., 1697.

Ann Basset, gentlewoman....B 13 Sept., 1698.

John Fisher....M 29 May, [?1723]....Sarah Rutter.

James Bamfield, clothworker....M 12 Apr., 1699....Mary Till Adams....both of Dursley.

A Sonn of Thomas Wilkins, a professed Quaker....B on or about 27 May, 1700.

Rachel, d. of George Small, gentleman, and Ann, his w....C 15 June, 1700.

Lapparah Aylor, widow....B 22 Feb., 1700.

William, s. of John Heart and Mary, his w....C 3 Mar., 1700.

Inhabitury of Kinges Standley.

Mary Heart, w. of the aforesaid John....B 10 Mar.,1700.

Josiah, son of Josiah Darby, alias Talboyes, and Elizabeth, his w....B 2 June, 1700.

Thomas Cooper, Woolcomber, of Tedbury....M 24 June, 1700....Sarah Lord.

Anthony, s. of Anthony Holborough and Elizabeth, his w....C 27 Aug., 1700.

Thomas, s. of Michaell Bayley, and Elizabeth, his wife, fifty pounds per annum..C 10 Sep., 1700.

William, s. of Timothy Gide, and of Hester, his w., fifty pounds per annum....B 22 Feb., 1700.

A daughter of John Giles, a dissenting Preacher....Born 23 Mar., 1701-2.

John Westcombe, attorney-at-law, and....M about 27 July, 1701....Joannah Basset.

Elizabeth, d. of John Westcumb, Attorney, and Joanna, his w....C 30 Aug., 1702.

Daniell, s. of Anthony Holborough, and of Elizabeth, his w.....C 30 Jan., 1702-3.

John, s. of Timothy Gide, clothier....B ---- ----

Timothy, s. of Timothy Gide, clothier, fifty pounds per annu....B 10 June, 1703.

Thomas Bayley....M 17 June, 1703.,....Mary Hopkings

Mary, d. of Anthony Holborough, clothier, and Elizabeth, his w....C 2 Feb., 1703-4.

Jonathan Forde, of St. Dunstanes, London....M 21 Mar., 1703-4....[Hope?] d. of Mr. Timothy Gide, of Uley, Clothier

Thomas Hancocke, parish clerk in 1705

William Basset, generosus....B 1 Feb., 1705-6.

Susannah, w. of Wm. Bayly....B 3 Mar., 1705-6.

In different ink is added, "A child of ye said Wm., borne sometime before and buried."

A daughter childe of Francis Danniell, of Cowley....B 5 May, 1706.

Joseph, s. of John Rutter, and Hester, his w....C 15 May, 1706.

Abraham, s. of Humphrey and Elizabeth Terret, Dissenters from ye Church of England. C. by Mr. Twimlow, a Dissenting Teacher in Cam's Meeting House, as they say....C 25 Nov., 1712.

William Hart (sic.) Rector of this Parish....B 4 June, 1709.

This part of the Register was begun by me, John Jackson, Rector of Uley, December 4th, 1709.

Mary, w. of William Veal, of Simon's Hall, in the parish of Wooton-under-edge, was bu. in this parish church....B 17 Feb., 1709.

Mrs. Elizabeth Bassett, widow....B 14 July, 1710.

Ann, d. of Robert and Elizabeth Small....C 10 June, 1710.

William, s. of William Holbrow, jun....B 10 Sep., 1710.

John Jackson, Rector,....M 17 Oct., 1710....Mrs. Mary Bassett......

Thomas Bayly....B 5 Mar. 1710.

Timothy, s. of John and Elizabeth Thomas....C 9 April, 1711.

Catherine, d. of Anthony and Elizabeth Holbrow....C 20 May, 1711.

Margaret, d. of William and Philadelphia Bassett....C 6 Dec., 1711.

Mary, d. of William and Mary Holbrow....C 25 Feb., 1711.

Charles, s. of John and Hester Rudder....C 10 Sep., 1712.

Margaret, d. of William and Philadelphia Bassett....B 19 Dec., 1712.

Rose, d. of Thomas and Mary Bailey....C 1 Mar., 1712-3.

William, s. of Daniel and Sarah Ady, laid in the ground, and would not stay for the minister....B 10 Mar., 1712.

William, s. of William and Philadelphia Bassett....Born 6 May, 1713....C 9 May, 1713.

Hester, dafter of Anthony and Elizabeth Holbrow....C 21 Aug., 1713.

Elizabeth, d. of William and Marrey Holbrow....C 17 Nov., 1713.

Begun here by me, Thos. Gwynn, Curate of Uley, March ye 28th, 1714.

Elizabeth, d. of William and Philadelphia Bassett....C 18 June, 1714.

Daniel Rutter....B 22 Jan., 1714-5.

Elizabeth, d. of William Holborough....B 27 May, 1715.

Mary, d. of Thomas and Mary Bayly....C 17 July, 1715.

Elizabeth Heart, widow....B 27 Dec., 1714.

John Sheakspear, of Alderly....M 24 Apr., 1716...Mary Walker, of Ozleworth.

Incipit Registrum pro Anno 1719, Rice Williams, Rector.

Hester, d. of Mr. Thomas and Anne Gyde....B 4 Dec., 1718.

Catherine, d. of Anthony and Elizabeth Holbrow....Born 26 Aug., 1719....C 14 Sep., 1719.

Margaret, d. of Mr. William and Philadelphia Bassett....B 30 Jan., 1718.

Thomas, s. of Thomas and Mary Bayley....C 24 Mar., 1718.

Elizabeth, d. of William and Rosoman Holbrow....C 6 Sep., 1719.

Timothy, s. of Mr. Thomas and Anne Gyde....C 13 Jan., 1719.

Hester, d. of Thomas and Anne Gyde....B 8 Aug., 1721.

Marey, d. of William and Rose Holbrow....C 21 Oct., 1720.

Hester, d. of Thomas and Anne Gyde....C 25 July, 1721.

Elizabeth, d. of William and Ann Holbrow....C 5 Aug., 1721.

Elizabeth, d. of Mr. Thomas and Ann Gyde....C 28 Mar., 1721.

The Second Register book is stated to commence from 25 March, 1722, but the first entry is made by Thomas Twisell, Curate, 25 April, 1723.

Samuel, s. of Roger and Lidia Rutter....C 5 Dec., 1726.

Abraham, s. of Thomas and Hester Rutter....C 29 Jan., 1728-9.

Germanicus, s. of Samuel and Ann Holbrow....C 21 Jan., 1732-3.

N.B.---In 1726, there were two families of Holbrows in Uley: William and Ann Holbrow, and Samuel and Ann Holbrow: but the baptisms relating to them for the following 23 years have not been all abstracted.

John Hogis, Curet, appears in 1733

Mary, d. of Mr. John and Elizabeth Hoges....C 31 May, 1735.

Allinton, s. of Mr. John and Elizabeth Hodges....C 16 Sept., 1736.

John Hodgis, curet, 1737

Thos. Gregory, M. A. curate 1739-40

Troilus, s. of Mr. Samuel and Ann Holborow....C 14 Oct., 1748.

Thomas, s. of Mr. John Foyle Small and Mary his w....C 26 Dec., 1748....B 29 Dec., 1749.

Thomas Gregory, Rector 1748-9....

The Burials from 21 June, 1723, follow the Baptisms for 1749.

Mr. Thomas Small....B 16 June, 1724.

Mr. William Bassett, gent....B 16 Nov., 1724.

Daniel, s. of John and Hester Rutter....B 29 Jan., 1728-9.

John Rutter, broadweaver....B 13 Apr., 1729.

Mr. Anthony Holbrow, clothier....B 21 May, 1729.

John Holbrow, clothier....B 23 May, 1730.

William Holbrow of Lurginshall, gent....B 26 Feb., 1730.

William Holbrow, Esq., High Sheriff for this County....B 8 July, 1743.

Mary, w. of the Rev. Mr. Thomas Gregory....B 13 Mar., 1744-5.

William Holbrow, gent....B 17 May, 1748.

Mrs. Elizabeth Holbrow, widow....B 13 Feb., 1754.

The Marriages from 6 March, 1721, follow upon the Burials for 1755.

John Fisher....M 23 May, 1723....Sarah Rutter, both of this parish.

Rev. Mr. Thomas Gregory, Rector of this parish....M 1 Nov., 1748....Mrs Susannah Thomas, of the same.

Robert Bailey, Sojourner....M 18 Feb., 1749-50....Hester Elliots, of this parish.

John Lyn, of Ringwood, Hants....M 29 Aug 1793.... Ann Holbrow, of Uley

The Baptism from 1750 follow the Marriages for 1754.

Mary, d. of Rev. Thomas Gregory, and Susannah his w....C 20 Nov., 1751.

Thomas, s. of ditto....C 3 Jan., 1754.

The Third volume of the Register begins in 1758.

On the fly leaf are the following memoranda---

April 26th, 1778. Mr. Edward Dorney of this parish was excommunicated: John Gregory, Rector.

April 3rd, 1785. Sarah Talboys, of this parish, was excommunicated: John Gregory, Rector.

Sarah Talboy's sentence of excommunication was revoked by me, Ralph Lockey, curate.

Susannah, d. of Rev. Thomas and Susannah Gregory....C 2 Feb., 1758.

William, s. of Rev. Thomas Gregory....{C 22 May, 1759....{B 20 Feb., 1759.

Lucina, d. of Cavendish and Grace Austin....C 15 Jan., 1764.

John, s. of Bennett and Ann Austin....C 27 Mar., 1764.

[Charles?] s. of Charles and Elizabeth Whittard, by the dissenting minister

of Nailsworth....C 28 Nov., 1764.

Ann, d. of Mr. John and Catherine Holbrow....{C 14 April, 1770....{B 16 April, 1770.

William, s. of ditto....{C 7 July, 1771....{B 25 Aug,. 1771.

Jane Barnes, d. of Rev. John and Elizabeth Gregory....C 30 Mar., 7841.

(The 7841 is just how the year was typed so I don't know year it should be. Brenda Pickard)

Paphroditus, s. of James and Ann Vizard....C 1 Feb., 1789.

Ralph Lockey, A.M., curate, 1793* He seems to have continued curate up to 1812, and afterwards became rector of Lanwarne in Herefordshire.

Tryphena, d. of Richard and Lohurama Cowley....C 2 Mar., 1807.

Henry Morland, s. of Joseph and Mary Jeans....C 14 June, 1807.

Father of the eminent engraver, the late Charles H. Jeens.

The Burials from 1756 begin at the end of the Third Volume.

Mr. Anthony Holbrow....B 12 May, 1768.

Mrs. Ann Holbrow....B 26 July, 1768.

Roger Rudder....B 3 Aug., 1771.

Katherine, w. of John Holbrow, Esq....B 11 Sept., 178?

Mrs. Elizabeth Maule, relict of the Rev. Mr. Maule, vicar of Ringwood, Hants....B 17 Nov., 1784.

Mrs. Susannah, relict of the Rev. Thomas Gregory....B 2 Oct., 1789.

Mary Barnes, d. of the Rev. John and Elizabeth Gregory....B 15 July, 1789.

Elizabeth, d. of ditto....B 1 Jan. 1790.

Troilus Holbrow....B 8 Mar., 1798.