Uley, Gloucestershire, England

Notes on Uley which will hopefully assist family historians in adding depth to the basic births, baptism, marriage and death records of their ancestors. The notes are taken from odd fragments of information gleaned over the years, and have no specific format.   Much of the information is second or even third hand, and should therefore be checked against the original record. Information is added regularly.

Notes on errors, omissions and additions are always welcomed.

Uley is situated approximately two and a half miles north east of Dursley.

Subsidy Rolls 1609-10.( From GNQ VI) The principal inhabitants of Uley, in 1609-10, taken from the Subsidy Rolls:

Benedict AUSTENS  in lands 20-16-0
William BASSETT, esq. in goods 12-16-0
John CADLE in goods 3- 3-0
Thomas DAUNSEY in lands 40-02-8
Michael DORNEY in lands   20-16-0
Thomas DORNEY, jun. in lands 3-04-0
Thomas DORNEY, sen. in lands 40-02-8
Thomas FRENCH in lands 29-16-0
James HARPER in lands 3-03-0
John PARSLOE in lands 29-16-0
Thomas PEGLER, sessor, in lands 25-02-0
Thomas POYNTZ, gent in lands  40-02-4


1831 =  2641 1876 = 1156 1911 =  945 1917 =  800

The reduction in population was due mainly to the collapse of  the woollen industry. Families emigrated to Canada, America and Australia. Uley (and Bisley) parish borrowed money to assist families to emigrate.

Mains water was installed in the village in 1936. Prior to that water was obtained from wells
A piped sewage system was installed in 1958

Gas pipeline installed in late 1930's. Electricity introduced in 1938.

St. Giles Church. Built in 1857-1858 on site of old church. Designed by Mr. S. Teulon, Architect, London.
From GNQ: The old church, dedicated like its successor to St. Giles, was an unpretending structure which had been much pulled to pieces by the addition of pews and galleries. On the south side alone there were three exterior stair-cases leading to the latter. The tower was supposed to be of great antiquity, but no records remain respecting it. The whole building, in fact, was in such a condition that restoration was found to be impossible, and it was therefore altogether removed.
MORE (With Photograph).

Union Chapel (Congregational). Built in 1790. Closed 1972. The building was turned into a four bedroom, 2 reception room house and in February 1998 was advertised for sale at 350,000.
The Gloucestershire Records Office holds the registers, 1793 - 1971 and church roll 1793 - 1971.
James HARRIS, 1801, and his widow Mary, 1814.
Timothy JACKSON, 1803
Nathaniel LLOYD, 1808, and his wife Elizabeth, 1807.
Daniel NEALE, 1844, yeoman, and his widow Sarah, 1849.
John TILLEY, 1842, his wife Martha, 1824, their daughter, Sarah, 1821, and her husband Isaac FORD, 1858.
Thomas TILLEY, 1814. Artist "of this village".

Parish Registers, Uley.

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