Clutterbuck of Eastington, Gloucester; Birmingham, and Lapworth, Co. Warwick

This pedigree begins with Thomas Clutterbuck, born c1645, and was either baptised at Eastington 8 April 1649, son of Daniel Clutterbuck, or 23 November 1651, son of Richard Clutterbuck and Hannah.

He died 16 December 1719, aged 74 m.i. and was buried at Eastington; married (i) Elizabeth .... and (ii) Sarah ........., who died 24 June 1723, buried at Eastington, m.i.

NOTE: Hannah Clutterbuck was buried at Eastington 15 December 1653; being then a widow. Richard and Hannah also had issue;- Richard, baptised at Eastington 8 January 1638; and Sarah baptised there 12 September 1647, ? married there 6 April 1675, Stephen Jones of King Stanley.

1. Thomas Clutterbuck and Elizabeth had issue:-
(i) Nathaniel Clutterbuck, of whom next (2).
(ii) Richard Clutterbuck; baptised at Eastington 31 March 1678; ? buried there 7 June 1684, or 1 March 1691.
(iii) Lazarus Clutterbuck, baptised at Eastington 29 March 1681; buried there 13 March 1681/2.
(iv) Mary, baptised at Eastington, 4 January 1676; ? married there 8 April 1708, John Daniels.

2. Nathaniel Clutterbuck, baptised at Eastington, 8 September 1672; died 8 April 1748 aged 75; buried at Eastington 10 April 1748; married at Eastington 22 May 1701 Sarah Putley, who died 25 January 1750 aged 77; buried at Eastington 27 January 1750, m.i.

Nathaniel Clutterbuck and Sarah Putley had issue:-
(i) John Clutterbuck, baptised at Eastington 21April 1703; died 11 April 1770, aged 66, buried at Eastington 13 April 1770 m.i. Will proved 1771. He ? married at Eastington 13 October 1740, Hester Millard.
(ii) Thomas Clutterbuck, baptised at Eastington 6 January 1704; ? buried there 5 November 1718 or 18 December 1720.
(iii) Richard Clutterbuck, baptised at Eastington 15 February 1708; ? buried there 26 January 1710.
(iv) William Clutterbuck, of whom next (3).
(v) Elizabeth, baptised at Eastington 6 January 1706.
(vi) Sarah, baptised at Eastington 1 December 1713.

3. William Clutterbuck, baptised at Eastington 15 April 1711; buried there 30 May 1775; married Mary; who was buried there 25 January 1754. They had issue:-
(i) William Clutterbuck, of whom next (4).
(ii) Nathaniel Clutterbuck, baptised at Eastington 19 January 1743; ? buried there 20 November 1784.
(iii) John Clutterbuck, baptised at Eastington 28 September 1750.
(iv) Mary, baptised at Eastington 14 February 1736.
(v) Rachel, baptised at Eastington 26 June 1738; buried there 4 December 1741.
(vi) Hannah, baptised at Eastington 11 April 1740; buried there 15 February 1746.
(vii) Rachel, baptised at Eastington 30 November 1745; married at Frocester 8 February 1773, William Boulton.
(viii) Hannah, baptised at Eastington 22 October 1748; ? married there 7 February 1768, William Howell of Eastington.
(ix) Betty, baptised at Eastington 10 May 1747; ? married there 6 July 1769 Joseph Miles of Eastington.
(x) Lois, baptised at Eastington 23 January 1754; buried there 3 February 1754.
(xi) Sarah, baptised at Eastington 20 October 1752 or 1753.

4. William Clutterbuck of Eastington, King Stanley and Thornbury, baptised at Eastington 2 December 1741; buried at Thornbury 14 May 1818 aged 76. He married at Eastington 19 February 1797 Mary Heaven of Eastington, who was buried at Thornbury 15 April 1813 aged 36.

William Clutterbuck and Mary Heaven had issue:-
(i) George Clutterbuck, of whom next (5).
(ii) Jacob Clutterbuck.
(iii) Susanna, baptised at Frocester, 20 June 1802; married ................. Young of Thornbury.
(iv) Ellen, baptised at Thornbury 28 January 1807.

5. George Clutterbuck of Kings Stanley, and of Birmingham, farmer; born at Thornbury, Glos., 1804; baptised at Frocester, 3 November 1804; died 17 July 1898, aged 93, buried at Key Hill Cemetery, Birmingham; married at King Stanley, 15 December 1828, Anne daughter of Richard Flight of King Stanley, and Sarah Hayward, his wife. Went to Birmingham in 1847.

George Clutterbuck and Anne Flight had issue:-
(i) James Daniel Flight Clutterbuck, baptised at King Stanley 19 September 1830; died 23 November 1892, aged 62; buried at Key Hill Cemetery, Birmingham.
(ii) Joseph Clutterbuck, baptised at King Stanley 12 February 1836.
(iii) Edwin Clutterbuck, of whom next (6).
(iv) Sarah Ann, married Thomas Baker of King Stanley.
(v) Mary Flight, baptised at King Stanley 10 February 1832, died 9 December 1901, aged 69, buried at Key Hill Cemetery, Birmingham.
(vi) Elizabeth, baptised at King Stanley 1 February 1835, married William Chamberlain of Stratford upon Avon.
(vii) Maria, baptised 7 February (?) 1844, died 29 January 1919, aged 75, buried at Key Hill Cemetery, Birmingham, married Arthur George Bowrey of Ross.
(viii) Louisa, died May 1919, buried at Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham, married Frederick Mabey of London.
(ix) Helen, married Frederick Montgomery, of Wales.
(x) Selina, buried at Key Hill Cemetery, Birmingham; married, as his second wife, Frederick Watley Venn, Accountant (a member of the Venn family of Clapham, London, and Colombo, Ceylon).

6. Edwin Clutterbuck of the Terets, Lapworth, Warwickshire, and of Birmingham, Solicitor (admitted June 1883). A founder of the firm of Lane, Clutterbuck and Co., Solicitors of Birmingham. Born at Birmingham 31 March 1848; died 11 May 1918, buried at Lapworth Parish Church, Warwickshire.

He married 18 December 1884 Gertrude Estelle, daughter of Henry and Ellen Isacke of Gloucester; and had issue:-

(i) Edwin Herbert Clutterbuck, of Lapworth, Warwickshire and Birmingham, solicitor (admitted January 1910), 1st class honoursman and Gold Medallist; Commissioner for Oaths; born at Widney Manor, Warwickshire 20 August 1887, married at Edgbaston 2 June 1915; Lois Mary Pollock and has had issue:-
Edwin Trevor Clutterbuck, born at Lapworth 8 December 1918.
Meryl Mary, born 15 March 1916.

(ii) Maurice Isacke Clutterbuck, of Rowington, Warwickshire, and of Birmingham, Solicitor (admitted November 1912), granted a commission in the 3rd South Midland Brigade, Royal Field Artillery 11 August 1914. Served continuously in France from March 1915 to November 1918. An original member of the Observation Section (Flash Spotters) Field Survey Battalions; Captain 1916; Staff Captain 1916; Major 1918; Mentioned in Despatches. Born at Widney Manor, Warwickshire, 28 December 1888; married at Ingatestone, Essex 27 March 1916, Vivienne Gloria Mary Harrison-Gray and has had issue:- Phillipa Mary Gloria, born 4 March 1917.
Vivienne Loraine, born 30 May 1920.

(iii) Reginald George Clutterbuck, born at Nuthurst, Hockley Heath 6 April 1890, died at Bournemouth 14 May 1894; buried at Knowle Parish Church.

(iv) Henry James Clutterbuck, born at Knowle 12 February 1893, died there 21 March 1894; buried at Knowle Parish Church.

(v) Richard Isacke Clutterbuck, Lieut. R.N.; served with the Grand Fleet during the Great War; fought at the battle of Jutland, and in the Baltic. Born at Lapworth 2 November 1896; married at Solihull, 26 August 1920, Theodora Ethel Howard-Heaton and has had issue:-
Howard Richard Clutterbuck, born at Solihull 1921.

(vi) Gertrude Mabel, born at Knowle, Warwickshire, 27 October 1885; married at Lapworth 22 June 1909, Edwin Francis Reynolds, Architect, and has had issue.

(vii) Grace Estelle, born 19 June 1891; married at Lapworth 3 July 1912, Charles Hugh Pinnell, manufacturer, and has had issue.

(viii) Barbara Mary, born at Knowle, Warwickshire, 23 May 1894; married at Lapworth 11 February 1919 Eustace Leonard Hill, Lieut. R.N., and has had issue

(ix) Christine Irene, born at Lapworth 10 August 1899

Extracted from :-

'An Account of the Principal Branches of the Family of Clutterbuck From the Sixteenth Century to the Present Time'
Edited by Mark Edwin Northam Witchell & Christophe Roy Hudleston.
Privately Printed and Issued to the Subscribers by John Bellows, Eastgate, Gloucester, 1924.
From Page 115.