Prison Records, Gloucestershire, England

Transcript from original ledgers, spelling and grammar as original. Originals in Gloucestershire Records Office. Specific reference details at end of each entry

Lent Assizes 1830. Entry number 165.

George FLIGHT.

Age 19.

Parish: King Stanley. Admitted 9 January 1830.

Cause of committment: Charged on the oaths of Thomas Lusty and another with burglariously entering the dwelling house of said Thomas Lusty in the night of eighth day of January instant with intent to commit a felony.

Description: Dark sandy hair, hazel eyes, long face rather long nose his nose is twisted a little to the right a small wart left side his neck a scar over the left knee mark on the right shoulder mark left arm mole on the back of his neck Read + write.

Labourer 5 2 3/4

By Whom committed: Henry Burgh esq.

When tried: Lent assizes April 7 1830.

Sentence: 18 calr months. Death recorded

When removed: 3 June 1830

Behaviour: Bad

See penitentary register

Gloucestershire Record Office Reference: Q/GC 5/4

Lent Assizes 1840. Entry number 1.

Alfred Flight.

Age 17.

Description: Light brown hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion, scar on left hand, scar on right thigh, mark on the back from a boil.

Parish: King Stanley. Admitted August 20 1840.

Cause of committment: Charged on the oath of William WEEKS and others with feloniously stealing at King Stanley on the 6th day of August two yards of woollen cloth the property of Charles STEPHENS esq.

By Whom committed: E.P Carruthers esq., P. Leverige esq.

When tried: Michaelmas Session, October 20 1840.

Sentence: Not guilty.

When discharged: October 26 1840

Behaviour: Orderly.

Gloucestershire Records Office Reference: Q/GC 5/6