Pitchcombe Register of Marriages 1709-1742

Pitchcombe, Gloucestershire, UK

Transcript taken from :Gloucestershire Notes and Queries., Vol. III, 1887.
Edited by REV. BEAVER H. BLACKER, M. A. Published in 1884. London, England.
The notes below are taken from this volume, and the spelling and grammar are as the original.

According to the Parish Register Abstract, which was " ordered, by the House of Commons, to be printed, 2 April, 1833," the registers of Pitchcombe date from the year 1743 : the information furnished was correct as regards the books which were then forthcoming ; but an earlier volume has been since discovered and replaced in the parish chest. From it the following list of Marriages is taken. It is a complete list for the years given, but some years are evidently omitted in the original : in fact, there is no record whatever for 1730-1-2. The volume contains likewise Baptisms and Burials from 1709 to 1743.

Harescombe Rectory, Stroud .


Feb. 13. Mr Nicholas Taylor and Mrs Sarah Went, of Stroud.
April 25. Richard Viner and Mary Jones.


Mar. 5. William Shearman and Eliza Philips, of Rodborough.


June 12. Thomas Gardner and Mary Beard, of Peakenhill.
June 23. Joseph Hogg and Deborah White.


April 21. William Jones, of Pitchcombe, and Mary Browning, of Stroud.
June 1. Samuel Hogg, of Stroud, and Sarah Carpenter.


Jan. 18. Samuel Lewis and Eliza Cook, of Painswick.
Nov. 15. William Gardner and Martha Cook, by License.
Dec. 21. Thomas Clarke and Mary Smith, of Painswick, by License.


Mar. 30. Richard Taylor, of Stroud, and Emma Beard, of Pitchcombe, by Banns.
Aug. 30. Henry Smith and Edith White, by Banns.


May 19. John Gardner and Sarah Viner, by License.
Oct. 16. Leonard Carpenter, "sojourner at Pitchcombe," and Elizabeth Taylor, of Stroud, by Banns.


Feb. 2. John Harris, of Moreton Valence, and Elizabeth King, of Painswick, by License.
Feb. 2. George Jones and Judith White, by Banns.
July 5. Matthew Stockwell, of Cirencester, and Jane Clissold, of Pitchcombe, by Banns.


June 2. Miles Huntley, of Harescombe, and Abigail Chadwell, of ye Parish of Stroud, by License.


Jan. 6. Daniel Jones, of Painswick, and Sarah Packer, by License.
Oct. 4. Edward Jones and Mary Butt.


Jan. 18. William Sparrow and Eliza Gaile.
Sept. 13. Daniel Gale, of Leonard Stanley, and Mary Smith, of Pitchcombe.


May 26. Richard Cooke, of Painswick, and Mrs Elizabeth Michell, of ye Farm, married by License.
June 7. Jasper Clutterbuck, of Kings Stanley, and Elizabeth Cole.


Mar. 6. Richard Watkins and Sarah White, both of ye Parish of Standish, by License.
Aug. 13. Thomas Clissold, of Pitchcombe, and Mary Pritchett, of Uske, in Monmouthshire, by License.


April 4. Mr John Bond, of Stroud, and Mrs Sarah Packer, of Pitchcombe, by License.


Feb. 16. Charles Chew, of Stroud Parish, and Elizabeth Budding were married at Harescombe, by Banns.
June 24. Michael Chew and Elizabeth Hogg.


Jan. 28. Giles Pitt, of Stroud, and Anne Jones, of Pitchcombe, were married, after Banns, at Harescombe.


Nov. 11. Daniel Jones and Eliza Summers.
Dec. 9. William Knight and Hester Vick.


Feb. 2. Henry Terrett and Eliza Jenner.
April 12. William Morgan and Mary Banks.
July 24. John Aldridge and Sarah Little.
Aug. 17. Samuel Beard and Sarah Peters.


Jan. 1. Samuel Collier and Mary Copner.
Jan. 6. Thomas Wilkins and Eliza Harris.


April 9. Richard Frankus and Sarah Bruges.
May 15. Samuel Tanner and Ann Little.
June 18. William Butcher and Edith Bagster.
July 2. John Leech and Dorcas Harris.
Aug. 20. Thomas Hall and Ann Coall.
Nov. 6. Daniel Foarts and Mary Usell.


Jan. 8. William Morgan and Sarah ------ .
Mar. 14. Joseph Dowdell and Elizabeth Buckingham.
April 28. James Daniels and Elizabeth Laud.
June 9. John Terret and Ann Dyer.


Jan. 1. Thomas Pitt and Sarah Budding.
Jan. 10. John Tyler and Sarah Bassett.
Feb. 19. John Partridge and Ann Moss.
Feb. 25. John Fryer and Ursula Merrett.
April 7. Thomas Woodley and Mary Gyde.
May 30. John Allen and Martha Bennett.
July 1. William Ockford and Elizabeth Viner.
Sept. 30. Samuel Collier and Ann Higgs.


Jan. 14. John Nichols and Hester Barter.
Feb. 3. John Birch and Deborah Jones.
Mar. 8. Henry Viner and Elizabeth Beard.
July 17. John Taylor and Elizabeth Hamlett.
Sept. 14. Edward Hogg and Joan Mill.
Oct. 24. Abraham Hayward and Deborah Gregory.
Nov. 13. Peter Hogg and Sarah Wood.
Dec. 13. Richard Beard and Mary West.
Dec. 23. John Dangerfield and Esther Budding.


Jan. 7. John Osborne and Mary Branford.
Feb. 19. John Caudwell and Mary Mason.
Feb. 20. Solomon Estcourt and Mary Hogg.
Feb. 22. Thomas Rawlins and Mary King.
Mar. 4. John Barnett and Mary Hill.
July 21. Edward Gardner and Abigail Huntley.
July 28. John Bidell and Jane Sterry.
Sept. 10. Thomas Payton and Mary Hollyday.
Oct. 10. William Cooke and Ann Mason.
Dec. 18. Edward Mill and Hester Williams.


Feb. 9. Francis Avilon and Elizabeth Abell.
Mar. 16. William Beard and Sarah Bennett.
May 9. Henry Spring and Elizabeth Harris.
May 25. John Parry and Jeavel Essex.
June 4. William Window and Ann Viner.
June 8. John Bagster and Elizabeth Budding.
Aug. 25. John Viner and Hannah Hogg.
Sept. 12. Charles Hill and Esther Usell.
Nov. 27. William Watkins and Hannah Harmer.
Nov. 27. Samuel Summers and Jane Harmer.


Jan. 18. Samuel Gardner and Ann Gardner.
Feb. 25. William Pitt and Mary Gardner.
July 29. Henry Dowell and Sarah Hogg.
Aug. 26. Morris G------ and Hester ------- .
Oct. 7. Richard Fryer and Mary Beale.


Oct. 6. William Rowles and Henrietta Hodges, both of the Parish of Longney, married by License.
Oct. 6. William Bates, of the Parish of Woodchester, and Mary Jeaks, of the Parish of Paynswick, married by Banns.


Mar. 29. Stephen Scott and Magdalen Rider.
April 13. Samuel Cook and Hannah Ady.
Nov. 5. Daniel Packer and Sarah Palling.


Feb. 5. Elias Howell and Christian Jones.
Sept. 13. William Jones and Mary Budding.
Dec. 5. Thomas Watts, of the Parish of Brockthrop, and Mary Harris, of the Parish of Harescombe, married.

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