Cheltenham - Current and Former Places of Worship

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK.

The information detailed below has been obtained from various sources, and is as complete as possible. In many cases the record only indicates when a church was in use - it may have been in existence before that. Additional information or corrections, however small, are welcomed. The purpose of this page is to provide a free resource for family historians.

GRO = Gloucester Record Office

All Saints' C of E Church

All Saint's Road, Pittville, Cheltenham

Built 1865-8 in Gothic style, architect John Middleton

GRO REF: 078/02, church registers 1869-1972

Bethel Baptist Chapel, Knapp Rd., facing St. James's Square.

See Christadelphian Hall.

Bayshill Unitarian Chapel

Chapel Walk, Cheltenham

Built 1842-4 in Anglo-Norman style, designed by H.R. Abraham

Bethany Chapel

Regent Street, Cheltenham

Built 1840, known later as Regent Chapel, nonconformist. Later used by an estate agent.

Bethany Hall

Newton Road, Hesters Way, Cheltenham

Bethesda Church

Great Norwood Street, Cheltenham

Built 1845-6 in Gothic style, replacing a smaller chapel on the same site. Wesleyan Methodist

Cambray Baptist Church

Cambray Place, Cheltenham

Built 1853-5 in Italianate style, designed by Borough Surveyor Henry Dangerfield

Inscriptions on War Memorial

Charlton Kings Baptist Church

Church Street, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham

Built 1875

Cheltenham Chapel

St. George's Square, off Lower High Street, Cheltenham

Built 1808-9 of brick with a stuccoed facade bearing the date and name of the building. Designed by Edward Smith a local architect. Cheltenham's earliest surviving nonconformist chapel. Later used by Congregationalists, Presbyterians and the Salvation Army. A small graveyard adjoins the chapel, was opened in 1810 and containsd some 19th century headstones.

Christadelphian Hall

Knapp Road, Cheltenham. Facing St. James Square.

Formerly Bethel Baptist Chapel. The Baptists closed the chapel in 1951. It was then used by the Mormons, and, latterly the Christadelphians.

Built in 1820-1 to replace a smaller chapel of 1701-2 on the same site

Christ Church

Malvern Road, Cheltenham

Built 1837-40, designed by the Robert William Jearrad and Charles Jearrad (brothers)

GRO REF: 078/03, church registers1865-1980 (Christenings & Marriages)

Memorial Inscriptions

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Bayshill Road, Cheltenham

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Thirlestaine Road, Cheltenham

Citadel (Salvation Army)

Bath Road, Cheltenham

Clare Street Chapel.

Clare Street, Cheltenham. Built early 19th Century as 'The Tabernacle' and used for a short while in 1843 by Baptists seceders from 'Salem Chapel'. In later life in commercial use, it was demolished some time after 1971.

Congregationalist Church

Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham

Built in 1852, designed by Samuel Onley. Building acquired in 1932 to make way for Odean cinema. Congregation moved to Highbury Congregational Church.

Ebenezer Methodist Chapel

King Street, off Lower High Street, Cheltenham

Now Kings Court, restored for use as flats

Built 1812, the first Wesleyan chapel in Cheltenham.

Elim Pentecostal Church

117 St. George's Road, Cheltenham

Emmanuel Church

Fairfield Parade, Cheltenham

Built 1936, replacing an earlier building.

GRO REF: 078/13, church registers 1918-1969

Evangelical Free Church, Whaddon Road

Whaddon Road, Cheltenham

Evangelical Free Church, Naunton Lane

Gospel Mission Hall, Naunton Lane, Cheltenham

Built c.1914

Friends' Meeting House

Manchester Place, Cheltenham

Built 1836 next to a house where the Friends had met since 1702. Taken over by the Unitarians until their move to Bayshill in 1844.

Gas Green Baptist Church

Baker Street/Russell Street, Cheltenham.

Built about 1836. Used by various denominations, including Primitive Methodists; Independents (from about 1848) and latterly by the Baptists.

The chapel's original site was on the southern side of the Tewkesbury Road and this was demolished when the then gas works were extended about 1836.

Hesters Way Church

Barbridge Road, Hesters Way, Cheltenham

Highbury Chapel

Grosvenor Street, Cheltenham

Built 1817-8, former Snow's Chapel, after the Rev. Thomas Snow's removal from 'Portland Chapel', Sold in 1827 to Congregationalist in 1827 who renamed it 'Highbury Chapel'. In 1852 it became a Sunday school when a new chapel was opened in Winchcombe St. Now a youth club hall.

A new Highbury Chapel was built in Winchcombe Street on the old Albion Livery stables site, now the present Odean cinema site (see Congregationalists Church)

Highbury Congregational Church

Oxford Street/Priory Walk, Cheltenham

Opened 1934, to replace the Congregational Church in Winchcombe Street.

Holy Apostles C of E Church

London Road/Cirencester Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham

Built in 1866-71 on land donated by Charles Cooke Higgs, designed by John Middleton

GRO REF: 386, church register 1886-1985

Inscriptions on War Memorial

Holy Name Hall

Pennine Road, Lynworth, Cheltenham

Holy Trinity Church

Portland Street/Trinity Lane, Cheltenham

Built in1820-3, architect George Allen Underwood. When originally built the majority of the pews were privately owned by the shareholders who had paid for the building of the church.
Francis Close was a curate in 1824

GRO REF: 078/04, church registers 1823-1962

Memorial Inscriptions

Inscriptions on War Memorial

Leckhampton Baptist Church (Zion)

Pilley Lane, Leckhampton, Cheltenham

New Life Church

24 St. George's Place, Cheltenham

North Place Chapel (Originally Portland Chapel)

Click for larger image of Northplace ChapelNorth Place, Cheltenham

Built 1816 as a private chapel at the expense of Robert Capper, J.P. of Marle Hill. First minister Thomas Snow, who was removed after he adopted Strict Baptist views. See Highbury Chapel.

Known as Portland chapel (nonconformist), gifted to the Countess of Huntingdon's connection, who re-opened it  27 June1819. Presently used as a keep fit gymnasium 'Chapel Rock'

Providence Chapel

Naunton Parade, Cheltenham

Built 1836?, Independent

Quaker Meeting House

Manchester Street (Clarence Street), Cheltenham

Built 1835-6 to replace a small meetinghouse located in Manchester Walk, which had been in use since 1702. Associated Quakers burial ground was in Grove Street, off Lower High Street. Wall plaque reads 'Friends Burial Ground 1700'

Sacred Hearts R.C. Church

Moorend Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham

Built 1956-7 to replace a small chapel.

Salem Baptist Church

Clarence Parade, Cheltenham

Built 1843-4 in Gothic style, nonconformist. Reporting its consecration the Cheltenham Journal wrote 'the florid style of its architecture, and magnificent Gothic windows seem particularly to contradict the simplicity and lowliness usually sought to be attached to dissent in this country'.

Now (1999) converted into a public house 'Festival and Firkin'.

The community has relocated to their new building at 129 St Georges Rd Cheltenham. [Information provided by Andrew McFarlane]

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Friends meeting house, Warwick Place, off Portland Street, Cheltenham

St. Aidan's Church

Coronation Square, Edinburgh Place, Cheltenham. Consecrated 1959.

St. Andrew's United Reformed Church

Click for more photographsFauconberg Road, Montpellier, Cheltenham

Built 1885, architect Thomas Arnold A.R.I.B.A.

The Baptismal Records of St. Andrew's United Reformed Church,
(formerly St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church) Montpellier are in the Gloucester Records office.

Founded 1858 for Presbyterian worshippers at the former Cheltenham Chapel, St. George's Square.


St. Barnabas C of E Church

Orchard Way, Cheltenham

St. Christopher's C of E Church

Salisbury Avenue, Cheltenham

St. Gregory the Great R.C. Church

Clarence Street, Cheltenham

Built 1854-57 to replace an earlier chapel built on the same site in 1810, which was used mainly by refugees from the revolution in France. Designed by Charles Hansom

St. James Church

Suffolk Square, Cheltenham

Built 1825-30 on ground sold by the Earl of Suffolk's daughter and then donated by the Suffolk estate developer, James Fisher. Designed by Edward Jenkins a local architect in the perpendicular style, and finished (roof) by Papworth. When originally built the majority of the pews were privately owned by the shareholders who had paid for the building of the church.
Also known as Suffolk Church. By 1982 was being used as a Parish Hall.

GRO REF: 078/05

Memorial Inscriptions

St. John's Church

Berkeley Street, Cheltenham


Built 1827-9 for the inhabitants of the new houses in and around the Upper High Street, designed by John Buonarotti Papworth. When originally built the majority of the pews were privately owned by the shareholders who had paid for the building of the church.

Demolished and rebuilt in Victorian Gothic style then finally demolished in 1967.

GRO REF: 078/06, church registers1865-1947

St. Luke (1854) and St. John (1967) C of E Church

Click for larger image of St LukesSt. Luke's Road, Cheltenham

Built 1853-4 on site purchased by Francis Close, designed by Frederick Ordish and paid for by subscription.

GRO REF: 078/07, church registers1855-1983

St. Margaret's Hall

Coniston Road, Hatherley, Cheltenham

St. Mark's C of E Church

Church Road, St. Mark's, Cheltenham

Built 1860-6, architect  John Middleton, consecrated 1862

GRO REF: 078/08, church registers 1862-1982

St. Mark's Methodist Church

Gloucester Road, Cheltenham

St. Mary's Church (Charlton Kings)

Church Street, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham

Medieval church, originating from chapel consecrated c.1190

GRO REF: 076, church registers 1538-1967

St. Mary's Parish Church

Clarence Street, Cheltenham

Only medieval church of Cheltenham
New burial ground purchased in 1829, chapel built 1831, off Lower High Street (later, Winston Churchill Memorial Garden).

GRO REF: 078/01, church registers 1558-1745

St. Mary's Prestbury C of E Parish Church

Click for larger image of Prestbury ChurchMill Street, Prestbury, Cheltenham

GRO REF: 254, church registers 1633-1812

St. Matthew's Church

Clarence Street, Cheltenham

Built 1879 to replace temporary church on same site built previously in 1859, this site being the original location of the great manor house. The present church's spire was removed in 1952 and reduced further in 1971. Designed by Ewan Christian

GRO REF: 078/09?

St. Michael's Church

Severn Road, Cheltenham. Built 1965-6.

GRO REF: 078/17, church registers 1947-1984

St. Nicholas C of E Church

Swindon Lane, Cheltenham

St. Paul's C of E Church

St. Paul's Road, Cheltenham

Built 1829-31 by the Rev. Francis Close as a free church and paid for by voluntary subscriptions, Joseph Pitt having contributed the plot of land. Designed by John Forbes

GRO REF: 078/10, church registers 1846-1932

War Memorial Inscriptions

St. Peter's C of E Church

Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham

Built 1847-9, consecrated 1849, design by Samuel Whitfield Daukes in neo-Norman style

GRO REF: 078/11, church registers 1845-1936

War Memorial Inscriptions

St. Peter's C of E Church, Leckhampton

Leckhampton Lane, Leckhampton

GRO REF: 198/01, church registers 1679-1966

St. Philip & St. James Church (Cheltenham) Leckhampton

Painswick Road, Cheltenham

Original church of St. Philip built 1844 by Edward Shellard, demolished 1879, first minister J. E. Riddle. Replaced with present SS Philip and James, built 1879-1882 in Gothic style, architect  John Middleton.

GRO REF: 198/02

Memorial Inscriptions

St. Philip & St. James Church (Up Hatherley)

Cold Pool Lane/Hatherley Road, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham

GRO REF: 168

St. Silas C of E Church

Hester's Way Road, Cheltenham

St. Stephen's Church

St. Stephen's Road, Cheltenham

Built 1873-83 to design of  John Middleton.

GRO REF: 078/12, church registers 1884-1986

St. Thomas More R.C. Church

Princess Elizabeth Way, Cheltenham. Opened 1967.

Salvation Army Goodwill centre

Swindon Road/Sun Street, Cheltenham

Spiritualist Church

Bennington Street, Cheltenham

Suffolk Church

Suffolk Square, Cheltenham

Earlier name of St. James


Synagogue Lane, off St. James's Square
Built 1837-9, architect W. H. Knight a local man. A small burial ground can be found in Elm Street, off Tewkesbury Road, which was purchased 5 years after the consecration of the synagogue in 1839. The synagogue was closed in 1897 and was not in use again until 1939. A smaller synagogue had existed in Manchester Place from the 1820's

United Methodist Free Chapel

Chapel Walk, Cheltenham. Also known as Royal Well Chapel

United Reformed Church (Prestbury)

Prestbury United Reformed Church (formerly Prestbury Congregational Church) Deep Street, Prestbury was founded in 1866.


Warden Hill United Reformed Church

Salisbury Avenue, Cheltenham.
Warden Hill United Reformed Church was founded in 1960 by members from Highbury Congregational Church


Wesleyan Chapel

St. George's Street, Cheltenham

Zoar Chapel

Suffolk Street, Cheltenham
Opened 1909. A short lived Baptist chapel


John Middleton, a prominent local architect. He was responsible for All Saints' ; Holy Apostles; St. Mark's; St. Philip & St. James, and St. Stephen's Churches in Cheltenham.