Maisemore Parish Registers - Introduction

Transcript taken from :Gloucestershire Notes and Queries., Vol. IV, 1890.
Edited by REV. BEAVER H. BLACKER, M. A. Published in 1890. London, England.

Transcribed by Brenda Pickard (Starweaver)

The following names of clergymen and churchwardens appear in the register under the respective dates:--

1610. Churchwardens.
William Hurlston,
John Pace,

1614. Churchwardens.
Thomas Tonye,
William Marden,

1615. Churchwardens.
John Pace,
John Little,

1616. Churchwardens.
William Weaver,
William Saunders,

1617. Churchwardens.
Thomas Saunders,
John Rogers,

1618. Churchwarden.
John Cooke,

1624. Churchwardens.
William Marden,
John Fletcher,

1637. Churchwardens.
Henricus Woodsone,
Edward Marden,

1638. Churchwardens.
John Stallard,
John Massefield,
1638. Minist.
Johannes Hinman,

1639. Churchwardens.
Giles Cooke,
William Saunders,

1639. Curatt.
William Hosier,

1641. Churchwardens.
William Danby,
Thomas Smith,
1641. Minister.
William Elbridge,

1648. Churchwardens.
Tho. Marden,
Ralph ffletcher,
1648. Curat.
Tho. Pembruge.